Baselard Studios Founder Aikarth Purohit On His Success & Music Career

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With mind and heart in the right place, anyone can make their dreams come true. But every journey has struggles in it and to attain the goals, one has to pass through them. Rajasthan's Aikarth Purohit is one such person who followed his passion, worked hard on his dreams and established his career as a successful musician, songwriter and guitarist.

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From his teenage days, Aikarth Purohit was drawn to music. From switching careers to surviving a deadly accident, his life has been full of ups and downs. Amid all these hurdles, music kept him going on. He would find solace in music, learn different instruments, and eventually pursue the same as his career. About the genre he prefers, the musician shares, "I mostly prefer Heavy Metal, Rock, and Neo-classical genre of songs for the big shows and in my free time too. Rest is like if the event or concerts are at mid-level, I prefer Bollywood pop songs, Sufi, Rock and whatever that matches well with the taste of crowd."

Musician Aikarth Purohit has composed jingles for various brands, collaborated with artists like Mohit Lalwani and Baawle Chore, did dubbing for Love Aaj Kal and worked on Star Bharat's popular song Radha Krishna. After working for others, Purohit decided that he wants to start something of his own. That's how Baselard Studio (Udaipur) came into existence.

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Baselard Studio owner Aikarth Purohit says, "After building up the base, I decided to blow the new heights for Baselard Studios and went up to settle Studio as full-time Music Production place for all the freelance musicians and ad filmmakers. And, leading with that dedication, I got work as well from cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and many more. All these things are going high today with dedication but what’s more surprising is that earlier I was unable to cope up with people that how to explain what I do and now the scenario has been completely different when I visit social gatherings or an event."

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