The Basic Safety Norms Your Kid Must Know

Criselle Lobo
The Basic Safety Norms Your Kid Must Know

Parents are always worried about their kid’s safety and if you are residing in India, there’s all the more reason to be bothered. Yes, the crime rates are on the rise and hence your child must be on the alert in case something goes horribly wrong. As they say, teach them when they’re young, you must ensure that your toddler knows what to do if s/he senses danger. Read on to how the basic safety norms to teach your child.


Tell your kid to not open the door unless s/he is sure of who is outside. For this, it's best if you have a CCTV setup at your place. This will ensure that your child will not accidentally let a stranger enter the house.


Like mentioned in the above point, you should have home surveillance if the kid is alone or with a caretaker. Now if you have one installed, make sure that your child knows how to operate it. Sit down and patiently teach your kid every detail of the security system. Most of them have an SOS button which on being pressed would send a signal to your mobile phone.


Now in case of an unforeseen situation, your child should be able to call you. Teach her/him to use the landline and if she is unable to remember the number, write it down on a notepad close to the phone. The list should have the contact number of multiple family members.


Always place medicines at a height, so that the kid does not end up having them. Still, you need to tell your toddler to never touch the medicine box or take any tablet when you are not around.


The kid should know that using the gas could lead to dangerous circumstances and s/he must never fiddle with the knobs. The same goes for sharp objects like knives and scissors.


If your child is old enough to bathe alone, show him.her how the geyser is used. Also, watch the kid to test the temperature of the water before cause if it’s too hot, s/he may suggest from burns.


In India, there are many stray dogs on the road and not all of them are the fine type. Your child must not taste a dog as in most likelihood, the animal will bite in defense. Offering food to animals should only be done under adult supervision.


School-going kids should know the name, address, and number of their emergency contact. If they can’t remember so many details, they should be noted down in one of their books.


A lot of kidnappers/robbers offer kids spiked substances in order to make their unconscious. Reiterate this a thousand times - do not take anything, especially eatables from a stranger. Sometimes, a person may have good intentions but it’s better to be safe than sorry.


Teach your kid about good and bad touch. Your child must inform you if someone s/he that someone has touched her/him inappropriately.


If you’ll are at a park, mall or entertainment zone, give a stern warning  so that your kid does not wander off. Kids often lose their way in public places.


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