Bask in Ed Sheeran's 'Afterglow' as Christmas comes knocking

Shubham Dasgupta
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Bask in Ed Sheeran
Bask in Ed Sheeran

21 Dec 2020: Bask in Ed Sheeran's 'Afterglow' as Christmas comes knocking

Ed Sheeran just dropped a sweet Christmas present for his fans: A song.

The star is known for keeping his personal life untouched by paparazzi and so, a lot of fan fever was being built on Sunday when he hinted at a Christmas present on his Instagram profile.

The post contained an abstract painting with the caption: 11 am GMT tomorrow. A Christmas Present.

Fans rejoice: 'Afterglow' is a fitting present as 2020 ends

The song titled Afterglow was released today and has since received over 12L likes and 4L views on YouTube.

Keeping in tune with the mood of Christmas festivity, the song catches attention immediately with its simple melody.

The video doesn't start flashy, and we see Sheeran getting in front of the camera, taking a seat and starting the song with his guitar strumming.

About: The song, first played by BBC Radio 1, spreads hope

The hook of the song is strongly positive and goes like this: Oh, I won't be silent and I won't let go/I will hold on tighter til the afterglow/And we'll burn so bright til the darkness softly clears.

Afterglow was first played on air by BBC Radio 1.

With this song, Sheeran has ended an 18 month-long hiatus in music release.

Social media: Fan theorizes Sheeran's silence indicates music release, singer proves right

The song was released a while after Sheeran started the Instagram frenzy posting an abstract artwork on the social media platform.

The sneaky tone of the post was played well indeed by the star who cashed in on one of his fan's theories suggesting that Sheeran is going silent on social media because he has new music to release.

And he did just that!

Collaboration: His first song released this year was with Eminem

Just when his fans were expecting a steady mainstream return, the artist declared that he is going back to his cave.

"Back to dad land for me now, ciao x," wrote the 29-year-old Shape of You performer.

The artist has also collaborated with Eminem in his much-hyped sequel album, Music To Be Murdered By - Side B, on the song Those Kinda Nights.