Basking in the success of Baaghi 3, Tiger Shroff’s picture with this little fan is adorable!

Rajendra Pal


With his recent release, Baaghi 3- it is hence proved that Tiger Shroff’s fandom is humungous. Tiger Shroff is known to have a highly supportive and expanding fandom where he finds the massive resonance amongst the kids. Hailed as the Pan-India superstar for his popularity, the youngest action star is every kid’s favourite and recently, Tiger was seen with a little fan where his mother, Ayesha Shroff shared the adorable picture on her social media!

Tiger has a huge fan following among the youth and also, children too like to follow the star. His stunts and action, always has managed to leave fans in awe.

Recently, Tiger’s mother Ayesha Shroff posted a delightful picture of him with a little fan. He gave a thumbs up while posing and giving a huge smile with the happy little fan. The picture was joyful, cute and adorable. It will surely strike an aww in the words and hearts of all fans. Tiger has a special place in the hearts of kids which is captured with exhilaration and fun to watch movies. All his movies are enjoyed by kids and their parents alike.

In his recent release, his action-packed scenes are sure to induce chills down the spine. Tiger’s movie hits us with awe and knocks the air out of our lung with action sequences that are unimaginable, without the use of any VFX or body-double assistance.

After adding colour to Holi, Tiger Shroff’s Baaghi 3 has surely captivated the hearts of many and enlarged his fandom, further. Baaghi 3 has clawed its way on the top of the box office and is inching closer to 100 crores, just within a few days of its release. Tiger Shroff has surely begun the year with a bang and left us with his extravagant entertainer.