Battle Royale: Two Male Tigers Fight It Out at Ranthambore Reserve

Video Editor: Vivek Gupta
Video Producer: Anubhav Mishra

Tourists on a visit to Ranthambore National Park in Savai Madhopur witnessed an intense fight between two tigers on Monday, 14 October. In a video that has gone viral, two wild cats can be seen roaring and attacking each other.

Officials of Ranthambore say that two animals fighting like this in the wild is natural.

"“Two male tigers fighting is natural. Animals in the wild often fight each other for territory or female mates. This incident was also similar.”" - Mukesh Saini, Deputy Conservator, Ranthambore

The official also said the imbalance in the male to female ratio among the tigers in Ranthambore has increased the chances of two male tigers indulging in a fight.

"“In Ranthambore tiger reserve, the ratio of male to female is close to 1:1. This increases the chances of fights between two male tigers. You are likely to see more such incidents as the the number of male tigers has exceeded the carrying capacity of Ranthambore tiger reserve.”" - Mukesh Saini, Deputy Conservator, Ranthambore

Earlier in October, a three-year-old male tiger had died after a territorial fight with another tiger in Ranthambore, The Times of India reported.

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