BB 12: Sree’s Wife Disappointed With Shivashish’s Eviction; Fans Trend #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish!

Nagarathna A

In the upcoming weekend ka vaar episode of Bigg Boss 12, Salman Khan will be seen reprimanding Shivashish for his indecent behaviour towards Bigg Boss for not abiding by the rules of the house despite being warned by Bigg Boss. In the latest promo, Salman will be asking Shivashish to leave the house for not breaking the rules. This indeed came as a shock to the viewers as many contestants Somi, Surbhi, Deepak and even Sreesanth, have broken the rules of Bigg Boss many a times.
Indeed a few of them were punished, but they were not asked to leave the house. Fans feel Shivashish didn't commit a big mistake to be eliminated. They called Shivashish's elimination as unfair decision of Bigg Boss and started trending #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish on Twitter. Even Sreesanth's wife Bhuvneshwari came in support of Shivashish. Check out Tweets!

Sreesanth’s Wife Bhuvneshwari Disappointed With Bigg Boss’ Decision!

Sreesanth's wife wrote, "@BiggBoss @ColorsTV @rajcheerfull very disappointed with #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish he is one of the Most sorted and genuine contestant of this season. As an audience I loved watching him and his dance. Very unfair. 😢*Heartbroken*." - (sic)

Fans Trend #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish: Kruti 2.0 🏹 💖

"I am being very blunt here, If #Sreesanth or #DipikaKakar or even Komolika's male counterpart #KaranvirBohra had disobeyed #RomilChoudhary, They won't be evicted.Forget them, #SurbhiRana disobeyed Romil too. Not EVICTED. #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish. #bb12 #BiggBoss12 #BiggBuzz." - (sic)

Prachi (Sree 🏏/ Shilpa 💥/Gulati ❣️)

"Now I'm feeling horrible that Shivashish DIDNT leave when he was feeling low...Kuch dignity ke saath toh jata woh! #BiggBoss bachao tumhari laadli Surbhi jo 5 minutes pehle khud rules tode! Romil toh top 2 fixed hain hi, thanks for confirming today #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish." - (sic)

Mansi Yaduvanshi

""#UnfairEvictionOfShivashish ...Jus's nothing to say..cause everyday bb is disappointing with fuckin new stupid decisions..about sree specially..👎👎👎👎" - (sic)


"There's So Many People Constantly Breaking The Rules Of #BB12 But Only #ShivashishMishra Get This Punishment. This Is Pathetic! Can't Tolerate This Much Biasness. Sorry #BiggBoss This Is Not Done. #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish." - (sic)

P я α и j α ℓ 🏏

"#BiggBoss:- "Ghar pe serf hindi bhasha me hi bat karein"
#SurbiBetiOfBB :- "No I'm breaking the rules, What can you do BiggBoss I'll talk in English, i f** challenge you if u can stop me"
@BiggBoss @ColorsTV This is not Disrespect the Show? #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish." - (sic)

Rico Reck

"I don't think anyone should look forward to go into @BiggBoss anymore. It's only disrespectfull for the contestants. There's no proper format or rules equally for all the contestants. It's according to the convenience of makers. #BB12. #UnfairEvictionOfShivashish." - (sic)

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