BBC guest goes viral after viewers spot X-rated detail

Kristine Tarbert
·Features and Health Editor
·1-min read

A woman has gone viral after doing an interview with the BBC from her home, but it wasn’t the topic of discussion that had social media abuzz.

Yvette Amos appeared on the Today program in Wales this week to talk about becoming unemployed during the ongoing pandemic, but it was her background that got the most attention with viewers noting an X-rated item behind her.

Yvette Amos on the BBC
Yvette Amos appeared to talk about unemployment during the pandemic. Photo: BBC

British Journo Grant Tucker was one of many who spotted the giant sex toy sitting on the shelf among the books in the background.

“Perhaps the greatest guest background on the BBC Wales news tonight,” he wrote on Twitter, adding: “Always check your shelves before going on air.”


A few people wondered whether the ‘fail’ was intentional.

“Obviously a wind up,” one person wrote.

“There’s no way this wasn’t purposeful,” another agreed.

While a third asked: “Please tell me this is photoshopped?”

BBC sex toy in background
Viewers spotted the sex toy on her bookshelf. Photo: BBC

Others however just enjoyed the gaffe, with plenty sharing their own experiences of something similar.

“Absolutely screamed the house down watching this live last night,” one person said.

“If a woman’s home alone in lockdown, she’s gotta do what she’s got to do,” another responded.

While one father said he was meant to send a ‘thank you pic’ to his daughter, out of which he ended up having to crop a very similar giant sex toy in the background.

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