Bear Grylls suffers 'life threatening' reaction to bee sting while filming new survival series

Amy West
Survivalist Bear Grylls was 'knocked out' by a bee sting while filming his upcoming survival series 'Treasure Island' (Dave J Hogan/Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Bear Grylls was treated by medics during the filming of his latest survival series after he suffered from a “life-threatening” allergic reaction to a bee sting.

The former military man was in the midst of recording his upcoming show Treasure Island on a remote location in the Pacific when he went into anaphylactic shock and professionals were forced to intervene.

Brain surgeon Mano Shanmug-anathan - who is taking part in the series - recalled the incident, noting that Grylls tried his very best to continue as normal despite his body reacting badly to the injury.

"The irony of Bear the survivalist being stung, having the potential of an allergic reaction and needing to be treated with an EpiPen, was a bizarre moment,” he told The Daily Star.

“That was crazy!"

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He went on to say that “Bear is an impressive guy” who understands the risks he’s taking when he embarks on doing a show like this.

Grylls suffered from an extreme reaction to a bee sting back in 2016, when he was filming 'Born Survivor' in California (Discovery UK)

“He knows what he has to achieve.”

Grylls is no stranger to overcoming allergic reactions, having been stung after disturbing a beehive when he was filming Born Survivor in Baja, California back in 2016. He had hoped to walk away from the experience with some honey but instead, his whole face swelled up so severely that he was rendered completely unrecognisable.

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Treasure Island, which sees 12 members of the general public compete against one another to win a £100,000 prize, is set to air on Channel 4 sometime next month.

Aside from Shanmug-anathan, contestants include a former reality star, a Royal Family relative, an intensive care nurse and a 75-year-old great-grandmother.

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