'Beardie With Facemask': Child Made his Pet Lizard Wear a Mask and Twitter is Impressed

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Even the lizard understands the importance of wearing a mask! Yes, a couple of pictures of a lizard wearing a mask has surfaced online that has left the netizens amused.

At a time when the world is grappling with the menace of the Covid-19 pandemic, wearing a mask has become the most common thing you do. It is the rule number one when it comes to preventing yourself from contracting the virus.

As important as it is, it is baffling to see many people not adhering to it. Despite the advice from all the experts, some people fail to understand its importance. For people like these, we have a great example here set by the golden lizard that might just teach them an important lesson.

The pet lizard in question can be seen clinging on the shoulder of a kid who apparently looks to be in a store. The credit goes to the kid who is himself wearing a mask and cares about his pet enough to make it wear one as well. Check out the pictures here:

The Twitter post has been liked more than 460 thousand times and retweeted by close to 60 thousand users. It has also drawn thousands of comments. Several users pointed out the meaningful lesson the picture conveys. Several others just liked it for being so unusual and funny. Here are some of the most interesting comments:

“The fact that an iguana can wear a mask but the customers can’t,” wrote one user.

“BEARDIE WITH FACEMASK! Blessed image, may the safety lizard protect you all!” wrote another.

“The Lizard has more respect for people than most people you see nowadays,” read a comment.

“At first I thought that was a gigantic bearded dragon, but then I realized it was sitting on a child,” commented another user.

“When we had "bring your own stuffie day" for my students, one of them brought a stuffed animal wearing its own mask,” said a user.

We hope the lizard's photo with a face mask also inspires human beings to wear a face cover for fighting the coronavirus.