This is a Beautiful Photo of a Deer in a Forest, Until You Spot the Tiger Eyeing it

A picture that defines ‘a predator is always on a lookout for its prey’ has surfaced on the internet.

In the mind-boggling snap shared by Indian Forest Official Ramesh Bishnoi, one can see a deer looking at something. But on taking a closer look, one can spot the predator on the top left corner of the photo.

Twiterratis too have been awestruck by the photo. Captioning the much-liked photo, Ramesh wrote, “Eye contact with predator and prey. Can you spot the predator?”

While such incidents would be quite common in forests every day, but a photograph of such kind is rare.

Sharing his opinion about the incident, a twitter user said, “Why do I have a feeling the predator hides where we least expect it?”

Another person, who was curious to know the fate of the deer, tweeted, “A tiger in the top left corner, in the leaping range of the deer. BTW, what happened to the deer, did he escape or become brunch of the Raja?”

A user, who had a different interpretation of the snap, said, “I am thinking that this picture is pointing towards the man who hunts these innocent animals”.

Quite a few people were able to spot the predator in the image. Take a look at reactions of those people who spotted the tiger in the snap: