Because it’s Love to A Monk's Guide to Happiness: 4 books that are just out

Book: Because it’s Love

Author: Kishore Nanda

Publisher: Notion Press

Debutant author, Kishore Nanda’s book talks about different forms of love around us. The book has different stories revolving around life, love and relationship. Nanda’s personal experiences with orphan kids, AIDs victims, cancer patients and abandoned old parents inspired him to write stories about people and life.

Book : So What

Author: Sonal Sonkavde

Publisher: The Write Place

Pari’s life couldn’t have been better. Admission into a prestigious academy, doting parents, a bright career and her beloved by her side. But deep within this idyllic exterior, is a volcano, waiting to turn her life into an avalanche of unavoidable events: A tormenter who plays with her dignity, a set of obscene videos, a volley of court cases and constant public scrutiny.

Book: Guru Sutra

Author: Hingori

Publisher: Pali Hiills Tourist Hotel

Guru Sutra is based on the philosophy and teachings of a powerful Mahaguru who trained hundreds in the art of selfless service and healing, while leading thousands more on the road towards enlightenment. Filled with anecdotes and real-life experiences, Guru Sutra shatters long-held beliefs, in turn mapping the trajectory to channelising spiritual power.

Book: A Monk's Guide to Happiness

Author: Gelong Thubten

Publisher: Hachette

In this profound and inspiring book, Gelong Thubten presents a practical and sustainable approach to happiness, and how meditation and mindfulness can help us get there. Thubten helps to bust the myth that our lives and minds are too busy for meditation. Reading this book could revolutionise your relationship with your thoughts and emotions.