From Bedroom Rapper To The Mainstage: GVVDAH and His Uprising In Rap

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Every rapper who starts out always has a dream to make it big someday. This is exactly how the midwest-raised rapper, GVVDAH, felt when he began rapping at a young age. The prodigy would often hang out with his brothers and practice freestyling over beats they would find on the internet. Little did he know, this leisurely activity would soon turn into something bigger.

Everything formally began when GVVDAH moved to Arizona and began rapping around the age of 16. By this time GVVDAH had moved around a lot which brought along many different styles of rap. While many rappers were only influenced by one type, GVVDAH found interest in rappers from the West Coast like 2Pac, as well as East Coast legends like Biggie. In his music now, you’ll hear the mix between the two coasts which gives GVVDAH an edge over his one dimensional competition.

Just a couple of weeks ago, the rapper made headlines with his newest single called “Hammer”. On this track he linked up with the Chicago rapper, G Herbo, who became famous in the early 2012 drill uprising. This collaboration was satisfying to many G Herbo and GVVDAH fans since the two rapper’s styles are so similar.

Looking back on GVVDAH’s career, he has come a long way from practicing freestyling, to now rapping for real. He has already collaborated with one of the greatest in the game and now is on to his next big move.

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