Bedtime haircare routine for all hair types

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It's vital that you take correct steps to let your strands remain protected, while you are having a good night sleep. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Do you often dream about waking up in the morning with amazing hair, much like they show in films? The good news is that you can accomplish this dream and achieve those ideal tresses in the morning if you are dedicated to investing some of your energy and time in your hair regularly, before going to sleep.

Night-time is a time for rejuvenation, healing and repairing for the mind, body, soul as well as hair. Important activities like transfer of nutrients to the hair follicle, regulation of sebum on the scalp and proper blood circulation happen when your body is relaxing at night. So, it's vital that you take correct steps to let your strands remain protected, while you are having a good night sleep.

Here are some of the best tips and habits to follow as your night-time routine so that you wake up with lustrous and healthy hair every day.

Straight Hair

* Moisture your strands before bedtime - Before you go to sleep at night, moisten your hair by about. Apply a few drops of serum massage on middle length and ends of the hair.

* Use a medium comb, comb throughout the hair - Lightly comb our hair with a wide comb, just so the hair doesn’t get more tangled in the morning and it is all set when you sleep on your hair.

* Loosely tie your hair - Either tie your hair loosely with a loose rubber band into a nape ponytail or you can even keep your hair open if the length of the hair is short to medium and spread it over your pillow before you go to sleep.

Curly Hair

* Spray some water over your hair - People who have curly hair, need extra care, knowledge and information on curly hair. Before you retire for the night; spray some water all over your hair.

* Apply Serum with some hair milk: If you have got that curls, every night you should be more careful before going on bed. In the palm of your hands, take 10 drops of serum with some hair milk cream and mix well. Apply this mixture, section by section of the hair. Emulsify well.

* Take medium sectioned hair: One by one take strands of your hair twist the strands, scrunch gently to fix the locks and you are good to go on your bed. This steps for curly hair help to lock in moisture, and prevents hair from frizzing, this is a great technique to form beautiful, natural soft curls in the hair.

Wavy Hair 

* Moisten your hair: This kind of hair tends to be frizzy, out of shape and rebellious. Before you go to sleep in the night, spritz some water into the hair.

* Take some serum and hair milk: Take a generous amount of serum and hair milk cream and apply the mix, then emulsify on the ml/ends of the hair.

* Comb with a wide-toothed comb: Lightly comb your hair with a wide-tooth hair comb, partly braid your hair into two equal-size braids. And let it set free, while you are having a good night.

All you need to do is say good night to your hair with lots of love and care, give them a nice beauty sleep and wake up every morning with gorgeous looking tresses.