Before You Gear Up For Baywatch, Learn The Craft of Conquering Life from Priyanka Chopra


We are just a minute away from experiencing her on the Big Hollywood screen, just a minute before the western audience gets bewitched by the allure of an Indian Beauty – yet again! ‘Priyanka Chopra’ is the name she goes by – though she has endeared herself to fans like us who lovingly call her, Piggy Chops. Just a decade ago, or maybe even lesser, when Indian actors were quenching the thirst of international fame through insignificant and blink-and-miss roles, an entire show with an Indian actress central to it seemed like a distant dream. But to turn just this impossible phenomena isn’t the only manifestation of Pee Cee’s talent, for if you are a die-hard fan, you can learn a way of life from this beauty queen who is but an institution.

Lovely is not ALWAYS fair – The times when the glamour world was dictated by the tone of skin, when the market was overturned with skin lightening and bleaching products, when we were fed the idea that beauty equals fairness and the Indian youth was hypnotized to slather their faces with fairness creams to get a job, to get an audition or to get married, it was Priyanka Chopra with her flawless dusky charm to contest and come victorious against the battle of presumptions.

30 is not the end – Priyanka was a teenager when crowned Miss World, she spent her twenties in establishing herself as a bankable actress in Bollywood. In her thirties, when most of the actress she had started her career with, found a charming and rich husband and tied the knot, this epitome of perseverance ventured into a path no Indian actress had ever treaded. She didn’t settle for the safe harbor of matrimony, she turned Hollywood.

Nepotism! Whatever is that? When you embark upon a journey, its helps to have family or friends who have been veterans of that craft and guide you with their years of experience. Priyanka didn’t have a long list of contacts passed on by her family, but that didn’t stop her from achieving what she had set her mind to. She can pride herself for being that woman who sculpted herself from scratch.

Walk Alone – It wasn’t too long ago when all the Bollywood wives had unanimously called a boycott on the ‘Aitraaz’ actress. One speculated affair with Shah Rukh Khan following that with Akshay Kumar, the base of which is still doubtful, put her off the list of every big banner in B’town. Be it Twinkle Khanna or Gauri Khan, no one was happy to have their husbands share screen space with Piggy Chops. But she didn’t let this boycott tie her down, she traced out greener pastures and marched towards.

Juggling like a Joker – Having walked every red carpet in Hollywood, there not a speck of doubt that Alex Parrish is going places. But Priyanka sure knows a thing or two about staying grounded, never will you ever hear her demeaning Bollywood. Though she can afford to stay exclusive to Hollywood, she is unrestrained in admitting that she wants the best of both the worlds and will never let go off her Bollywood connection. Did I mention she is one helluva singer too?

It’s not that life has been a bed of flowers for this beautiful achiever, she has gone through the same challenges the regulars like us are faced with. But Priyanka doesn’t concede, she combats and conquers. Stones were thrown at her too, but she didn’t bruise, she rather employed those stones in building a castle for herself. Today she is the Monarch of her Castle.