From Being Smokers To Non Smokers, These B-Town Actors Have Quit Smoking!

Amar Singh Rathore
From Being Smokers To Non Smokers, These Actors Have Quit Smoking!

There are many Bollywood actors from Hrithik Roshan to Saif Ali Khan who have successfully quit smoking all thanks to their realizations in their lives. Read on…

Bollywood celebs who quit smoking

Smoking is one of the most toxic and addictive habits one can fall prey to and our Bollywood actors are also not immune from the same. Their lifestyles are lavish but hectic so it is comparatively easier for the B-Town actors to start smoking. Though they are well-aware with the ill-effects of tobacco and cigarette smoking, it is not easy to kick the butt given it is super addictive.

The following actors with their patience, determination and self-motivation successfully left their smoking habits and are living a much more healthier life now. Have a look!


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Hrithik Roshan : The actor recently revealed in an interview that he wants smoking to be completely subtracted from the world if he had a power to subtract one thing around him. The Super 30 actor, Hrithik Roshan who also confessed that he was a smoker once but left the habit after a lot of willpower and feels great now! He seemed super elated for kicking off the habit and advised everyone to do the same.


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Saif Ali Khan : The Nawab of Bollywood, Saif Ali Khan was a chain smoker before which he has elegantly accepted without lying in his interviews. The actor who wasn’t able to quit smoking had a major life-turning incident when he had a heart-attack and he instantly left the habit. Seems like it was life-lesson for Saif who even avoids drinking now.


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Konkana Sen Sharma : One of the most talented actresses of Hindi cinema, Konkana Sen Sharma was a regular smoker. It all never stopped till the time Konkana was pregnant with her baby and she made sure she left the habit asap. She was also quoted saying, “The pregnancy meant a complete change in lifestyle. I used to be a smoker, overnight I couldn’t smoke or drink at all.”


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Vivek Oberoi : Now an official ambassador for several non-smoking campaigns, Vivek Oberoi was once a smoker. He left the bad habit when he visited a cancer hospital. He even doesn’t allow anyone to smoke around him as he doesn’t even stand being a passive smoker. Woah!

Sp who’s transformation story inspired you the most? Tell us in the comment-section below.

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