From Being a Top Model to Becoming a Top Businessman, Meet Ted Ranghella

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Isn't it amazing to learn about all those individuals and professionals across fields and sectors that radiate a different level of brilliance when it comes to their areas of interest or work? Well, the world is filled with several such talented beings, but only a handful of people go ahead in carving a unique niche for themselves and earn the success they desire. Of course, all of this is easier said than done, but if a person determinedly moves towards his goals, without the fear of failing, he can create milestones in his chosen industry, believes Ted Ranghella. This young man's enchanting looks can fascinate you and make you fall for him instantly, but there is more than what meets the eye in the case of this young top French-Italian model and actor.

Who is Ted Ranghella, you ask? This arresting personality has already taken over the industry of modelling and entertainment with the kind of work he has done and the level of momentum he has gained so far, working with some of the greatest brands in the world like Hugo Boss, L’Oréal, Moschino, Saint Laurent Eyewear, Burton of London and so many others.

Today, this sharp-featured guy has turned into a passionate businessperson as well. Ask him what drove him towards the world of business, and Ted is quick to reply, saying, "Creativity is something that I have always felt inclined towards. Creating or innovating something and offering uniqueness to people was always in my mind, which is why I decided to work around my vibe and style and translated the same into my business, in the form of Ted Ranghella Collection."

Everyone knows Ted Ranghella as a top model, but now this talented being has also turned into a modern-day entrepreneur and opened his new brand with a really smart concept that is just as mesmerizing as he is, offering smart and stylish charger wallets for men and women, where they can charge their smartphones with these wallets, wireless or with cable.

What's even more amazing to know is that the newest brand already has more than 10,000 pre-orders in less than three weeks, which makes Ted Ranghella Collection more sought-after. His Instagram has also grown in a short span of time with more than 600K followers already and growing consistently each day.

Ted Ranghella, over the years, has rocked the modelling and entertainment world, and now he is raring to do the same in the business space as well, for which all eyes are on him. However, with the kind of success he gained as a model and actor, we are pretty sure of the feats he would achieve with his brand as well. To get more updates, follow him on Instagram @tedranghella.

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