Bekaaboo 2 Actors Taher Shabbir And Taha Shah Badussha Share Their Experiences Of Being Stalked; Priya Banerjee Adds, 'I Subconsciously Stalked Someone'- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

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Ekta Kapoor is all set to enthrall viewers again with her second season of psycho thriller Bekaaboo 2. This time we will see Priya Banerjee, Taher Shabbir, Taha Shah Badussha, Shubha Rajput, Paulomi Das and Smaran Sahu in the revenge saga. And just a few days before it's release, we caught up with Priya, Taher and Taaha to talk about their experience of shooting the erotica series filled with twist and turns.

In the original series, we saw Priya Banerjee, who is playing Kashti, stalking Kiyan (Rajeev Siddharta now played by Taher Shabbir) and making his life hell. Now in an exclusive chat with, the three actors revealed if they have faced stalking in real life.

Sharing an incident Taher Shabbir said, "Four to five years back, there were two girls who used to follow me everywhere. In fact, they used to reach at my father's shop and also tried to get in touch with my mother. And it was really scary. It's like you talk to somebody nicely and they take it to some other tangent. Stalking is not a man or women thing. I feel it's a mental illness. And when it happened with me, I got really very tensed. And that is one thing I liked about this show that after seeing stuff like this, you will realise how wrong it is." ALSO READ: Priya Banerjee Overcomes Her Claustrophobia To Shoot A Difficult Erotic Scene For Her Web-Series

Taaha also had something interesting to tell us as he revealed not by a girl but he was stalked by a guy who also landed in Mumbai after following him in Dubai. "I had one stalker back in Dubai. Like whenever I used to go there, he used to come and say sir would you want me to bring a car for you. Sir, do you want me to get you a hotel. He used to spend like 1000 dhirams for arranging a car. Then he came to India once and found my house in Mumbai and then messaged me. I didn't even know how he did that. But finally had to go down and speak to that person and explain him." ALSO READ: Priya Banerjee Performs Stunts For Ekta Kapoor's Bekaboo 2- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

Whereas Priya Banerjee, while sharing her own experience, explained how we all have become pathological stalkers, "I think now because of social media, we all have become pathological stalkers. Not in the harmful way but somehow when we are on social media we just constantly tend to scroll and swipe everybody's profile. Like we all just stalk without knowing subconsciously but we are stalking everyone. I know what is happening in this person's life even without not knowing that person in real. Subconsciously we all are stalkers."

She added, "I will tell you a very funny incident (will not take his name) but I and my friends sat down and we were looking at this guy for two to three hours on social media who was somebody we didn't know. And coincidentally very next day I went to a party where this guy was standing at the bar. In my head, I felt like I already know the guy because I stalked him so much that I forgot that I never met him. So, I went to him and said hello, how are you doing? And he is like hey do I know you? And I was like of course I know you and then I met another friend who introduced him. Meanwhile, in this whole thing, I suddenly realised I actually don't know this guy. I just has his personal details as I stalked him so much. So, I just ran from the bar. It was very embarrassing. So, see how I myself turned out to be a stalker."

Watch the above video for some really interesting scoop shared by the cast like how Taher lost weight and grew a beard to give a realistic feel to his character, who has just come out from the jail to Priya disclosing how female fans are in awe of him and keep sending messages to Taaha about his love scenes which is getting a lot of attention.

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