Benefits Of 8 Shaped Walking Or Infinity Walking

Sathya Kalaiselven
Benefits Of 8 Shaped Walking Or Infinity Walking

Recently, in my apartment play area, I saw people walking on something that looked like number 8. Out of curiosity I decided to read and ask more about it and I realized it is meant for something called 8 Shaped Walking or  Infinity Shape Walking. It has lots to do with health benefits  compared to normal walking. I see more and more people are making use of this for their daily walking routine.


Some of the benefits include:


  • 20 mins walking on 8 shaped structure is equivalent to 1 hour of regular walking
  • Walking from south to north direction helps our body get energized
  • Twist and Turn of number 8 gives our external organs a physical exercise.
  • Bare foot walk gives a pressure on foot that activates all our internal organ. This helps us get relief from certain diseases.
  • Don't talk, concentrate while walking in 8 shape, this leads to proper breathing.
  • Try to do breathing exercises. Concentrate on the way you inhale and exhale. This helps you to relax.
  • It's good for people with diabetes as it helps in lowering of sugar level in blood. 

Try doing it to stay healthy and fit.