Benefits Of Kundli Matching That Everyone Should Know
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You have to agree that marriage is a turning point in the lives of two people and their entire families. Marriage is a sacred bond that ties two individuals together for a lifetime and beyond. The concept of arranged marriages in India has been around for ages, and many people still prefer the arranged marriage setup. In an arranged marriage setting, horoscope matching or Kundli matching becomes crucial before the marriage is finalised. Kundli matching indicates the compatibility between two individuals, which is why it becomes incredibly reliable in finding an ideal partner.

A Look into Kundli Matching

Kundli matching is considered crucial while moving ahead with a marriage proposal. When two people’s Kundlis are matched, one can find out if the marriage union will be fruitful or not. The sole reason why Kundli matching is given so much emphasis is that it can ensure that the prospective bride and groom have a blissful married life.

As per Vedic astrology, Kundli Milan or matching is done by the Ashtakoot method. The Ashtakoot method considers eight parameters while measuring compatibility. All the parameters are given specific points, which together make 36 Gunas or points. When the Kundlis of a prospective couple is matched, the points are analysed and calculated. If a prospective couple gets less than 18 points, the marriage is not deemed to be suitable. If it's above 28, a prospective couple is considered a good match. But, the perfect match is when all 36 Gunas match.

Marriage is incomplete without compatibility between the two partners, as that's what makes married life blissful. Hence, Kundli matching becomes critical to know how the prospective couple will fare in life. To know what Kundlis of two individuals say, you must opt for astrology consultation. Nowadays, you can consult a professional astrologer online on platforms like Astroyogi.

Benefits of Kundli Matching

  • Knowing the Compatibility Between the Individuals

Marriage can only work when it consists of two compatible people. With Kundli matching, one can get to know the status of compatibility between two partners. Kundli matching can determine the physical and mental compatibility between two individuals. The planetary alignment and positions in the horoscopes of both individuals can show their behavioural patterns. It can also give insight into the attitude, aptitude, mindset, interests, personality, etc., of the two individuals who are about to get married. The 36 Gunas matched can conclude how compatible two people are and how successful their marriage will be. Kundli matching can also show how the relationship between the prospective life-partners will be like and whether they will be able to adjust with each other or not.

  • Knowing the Compatibility for Bearing Children

One significant aspect that Kundli Matching can indicate is the chances of childbirth and the happiness and health of the children. Nadi, the eight Guna that carries the maximum points and can thus show the chances of bearing off-springs or the problems around it. Additionally, Kundli matching can evaluate the health of the would-be bride and groom. It also indicates the level of physical attraction between the prospective couple so that the right level of desirability is maintained between the future bride and groom.

  • Knowing the Financial Compatibility

When two individuals get entwined in the sacred bond of marriage, the planets' alignments and movements affect not only one's life but both their lives. This means all the aspects of the two individuals' lives are affected by the celestial bodies. This is why people go for Kundli matching to check the prospective life partners' financial prospects and financial stability. Kundli matching shows if the couple will enjoy financial stability in their marriage or not. Everyone wants a financially stable partner in life, and Kundli matching can inform whether your prospective partner will be financially stable or not in the course of their life.

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Summing Up

Marriage is a life-altering decision, which is why you should always check out every aspect before making the final decision. This is why Kundli matching becomes essential. When you get the Kundlis checked, matched, and analysed by professional astrologers, you find out whether a marriage union would be fruitful or not. Going for a Kundli matching before a wedding is finalised removes any uncertainty you might have regarding your future life partner.

Sometimes, there are Doshas in your Kundli for which an expert astrologer can offer remedies. An astrologer can suggest certain poojas or mantras to chant that can help correct the defects in the Kundlis so that two people can have a successful married life.

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