Bengali New Year 2021: Traditional Dishes to Feast on Poila Baisakh

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Poila Baisakh, also known as Pahela Baishakh, isthe traditional new year day for Bengalis across the globe. The occasion observes a grand celebration among families and relatives and also the preparation of mouth-watering traditional cuisines as mentioned by

Below we have curated a list of top traditional Bengali cuisines which you can relish to augment the celebration of this special day. The cuisines will also offer you a chance to showcase your culinary talent in style and garner compliments from your family and friends.

The first meal of the special day includes a host of local delicacies like Cholar Dal(a curry rich in protein), Luchi(Bengali style pooris), Aloor Dum(a curry made of potatoes and Yogurt) and much more. The cuisines not only offer a lip-smacking flavour but are also rich in essential nutrients.

Cholar Dal

This popular dish which is made of chana dal is the perfect complement to cooked rice and offers a distinctive flavour of coconut with a bit of spice.


Similar to traditional Puri, Luchi can be best paired with a traditional Bengali curry or dal for a wholesome feast.

Aloor Dum

As mentioned Aloor Dum packs in the texture of a Bengali style gravy and is best served hot. Bengalis also relish fish gravy, generally after meals like mutton or chicken. Though Non-vegetarian dishes are a main attraction during the festivity, Vegetarian cuisines like Begun Bhaja and Aloo Posto too are enjoyed by a lot of individuals.

Veg Pulao

Bengali veg pulao is enjoyed with curries like Kosha Mangsho or Aloor dum and even with raita.

Kosha Mangsho

This comes as a popular mouth-watering Bengali recipe and is a must-have on this special day.

Aloo Pasta

As the name suggests, Aloo Posto is formulated with potatoes and can be best paired with Luchi or rice.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous Poila Baisakh!

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