Cardi B teams up with Bernie Sanders: 'We have this bully as a president'

Bernie Sanders and Cardi B talked politics at a Detroit nail salon. (Photo: YouTube via Bernie Sanders)

Cardi B is feeling the Bern.

The rapper and political junkie sat down with presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders for a new campaign video set in a Detroit nail salon. (Alas, only Cardi appeared to be rocking a freshly manicured set of talons.)

The “Bodak Yellow” performer and Vermont senator share more than just an affinity for President Franklin Roosevelt (“He’s my favorite,” she raved, prompting Sanders to respond, “Well, I hope I’m your favorite after I’m elected.”). They also see eye-to-eye on issues such as increasing minimum wage, canceling student debt and defeating Donald Trump in 2020.

“We have this bully as a president and the only way to take him out is somebody winning,” Cardi noted.

“We’ve got to get rid of Donald Trump, obviously,” Sanders agreed, “because Donald Trump is an overt racist. He’s way out there.”

Cardi called the racist attitudes in the current political climate she sees “discouraging” to people of color, adding, “It makes us feel like we’re worthless.”

On the subject of police brutality, Sanders proposed having the Department of Justice investigate any officer-related killings and encouraged more diverse hiring, saying departments should “look like the communities they serve, not like an oppressive army.”

Cardi B admitted that she used to consider the police “pigs,” but has since come to appreciate that many simply want to protect and serve, and noted that she’s careful to not “attack” those in uniform as a whole.

The duo also talked health care (taxes will go up, but premiums and co-pays would be cut); immigration (Sanders pledged to “reestablish and expand” DACA); and wage increases, with Cardi B sharing how she struggled to “make ends meet” before she became famous.

“I wasn’t able to pay my rent, get transportation and eat,” she said, and Sanders noted his support for a $15 minimum wage.

Will Cardi B help give Sanders more “clout” with her fans? Keep an eye on those polls...

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