Best Books Written By Bollywood Celebrities

Nishtha Gupta
·2-min read

Ever wondered about what celebrities like to do in their leisure time? Apart from singing, dancing and writing, as it turns out, our favourite celebrities like to write. If you were ever planning to read a book written by a bollywood celebrity, then let me suggest you just te rught books. I have handpicked them especially for you all. Hope you like them. Happy Reading!

1) The Best Mistakes Of My Life- Sanjay Khan:

The Best Mistakes of My Life makes interesting reading because it portrays the public and private personae of a star as well as a large world, peopled with glamorous names from the world of films, politics, business and royalty.

2) Pyjamas Are Forgiving- Twinkle Khanna

A pleasing read. The way Mrs. Khanna drifts off and her uncanny comparisons are absolutely hilarious. Sarcasm game used in the book is highly appreciable.

3) I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier- Shaheen Bhatt

I’ve Never Been (Un)Happier is Deeply personal, moving, insightful, amazing, touching, and beautifully written book. It is also a quick read. Shaheen Bhatt has a delicious turn of phrase.

4) The Dairy Of A Domestic Diva- Shilpa Shetty

Do you find it difficult to cook the food? Do you worry if it is delicious as well as nutritious? With Shilpa Shetty’s new quick and hassle-free methods, cooking good food has now become easy. In this book, the actor and entrepreneur brings some of her most special recipes.Welcome to the world of the Domestic Diva!

5) Unfinished- Priyanka Chopra

Unfinished is a collection of personal essays, stories, and observations by actor, producer, activist and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, Priyanka Chopra. Unfinished will chronicle important moments in Chopra’ life and her twenty-year-long career. This is a highly recommended book to read.