'The best of both worlds': Justin Bieber, BTS to collaborate

Shreya Mukherjee
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30 Apr 2021: 'The best of both worlds': Justin Bieber, BTS to collaborate

Fans of pop icons Justin Bieber and BTS have every reason to celebrate, as the artists are reportedly collaborating on a new composition.

The track is apparently going to be added in the deluxe edition of Bieber's recently-released album, Justice.

This news comes after the South Korean band's label HYBE took over Ithaca Holdings, the firm managing the Canadian singer, earlier this month.

Details: The song could be released to boost rankings of 'Justice'

An insider told Page Six that the song's release could be to boost the rankings of Justice on the charts again.

"They are taking their time on it and going to make sure it is released right," the portal quoted the anonymous source as saying.

Notably, Justice became Bieber's first album to top the Billboard 200 albums chart for multiple weeks since 2010.

Backstory: Earlier, the stars had speculated on the prospects of collaboration

While nothing had been confirmed, the collaboration is in fact, an expected move.

Both the talents had appeared in a welcome video clip together after the merger and had spoken of "becoming a family."

BTS member J-Hope had said, "I hope we can grow and share positive influence," while Bieber had called the "prospects of working together" with the other teams "very exciting."

Deal: Ithaca was sold to HYBE in a $1 billion deal

To recall, when the massive $1.05bn deal got finalized, it was revealed that artists under both companies would join hands to increase HYBE Corporation's profits.

Also, Ithaca Holdings' Scooter Braun joined HYBE board.

With top performers like Bieber, BTS, Ariana Grande, SEVENTEEN, and Demi Lovato under their belt, the merger is expected to make HYBE one of the biggest music-focused entertainment firms worldwide.

Awards: Both 'Yummy,' 'Dynamite' singers picked up multiple BBMA nominations

And we are already seeing its impact!

Yesterday, Billboard announced its list of nominees for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards and several artists under the merged firm have picked up deserving nominations.

Both BTS and Bieber have got multiple nominations, and they are battling in the same category of Top Song Sales Artist.

Separately, The Weeknd was the most nominated artist (16).