This dazzling engagement ring costs under £10 on Amazon

Searching for a budget engagement ring? We think we've found it [Photo: Unsplash]

If you’re searching for an engagement ring on a budget, look no further.

American lifestyle blogger, Cristina, otherwise known as @all.things.petite, recently posted an Instagram snap of a luxe-looking engagement ring, which turns out, is from Amazon and cost only £9.98.

The blogger, who is currently on holiday in Santorini, Greece, explained to her 12.8k followers that the ring is actually a stand-in for her real one whilst she’s away.

“Dupe diamond ring $12 perfect for traveling” explained the blogger.

Regardless of the price, her followers were quick to comment on the large rock: “Your ring is everything” and “Omg so dreamy”.

The ring by TenFit does, in fact, boast a four-star rating on Amazon in the US. Featuring a three carat simulated diamond (Cubic zirconia) with clarity D-E.

Tenfit Jewelry 3 Carat VVS1 Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring [Photo: Amazon]

The square cut ring has also accumulated a lot of praise, with 67 per cent of reviews giving the item a five-star rating.

One customer, after wearing the ring for over a year wrote: “Initially I felt it looks beautiful but the large carat gives away it can’t be real (for me anyway) but this ring grew on me since I first started wearing it so much so that I absolutely love it!”

“I wear it constantly and I’m really not the most attentive about jewelry so I usually forget to remove if washing hands or dishes. I’m truly surprised it hasn’t tarnished at all though it’s listed as plated jewelry.”

Another review said: “It’s one of the most beautiful I’ve ever owned. I bought it as a reminder to love myself and I’m not disappointed.”

So, whether you’re searching for an engagement ring on a budget, a temporary stand-in for the special item, or simply want to buy yourself something pretty - for only £9.98, you can’t really go wrong.

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Tenfit 3 Carat Simulated Diamond Engagement Ring | £9.98 | Shop here

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