What are the best cities for students?

new ranking by London-based firm QS has released its list of the best cities for students and Canada is well represented in the Top 20 with three cities.

Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver placed at 6, 11 and 16, respectively, while the Top 3 overall were unchanged from QS’s 2018 ranking: London is No. 1, followed by Tokyo and Melbourne.

Last year, the same three Canadian cities made the Top 20. In 2018, Montreal ranked slightly higher, at No. 4, while Toronto and Vancouver were each one spot lower, at 7 and 17.

The rankings are based on an overall score that includes affordability, desirability, employer activity, student mix and student perception. So while London scores very low on affordability, it ranks high because of high scores in all the other categories.

The Top 10 cities overall are:

  1. London

  2. Tokyo

  3. Melbourne

  4. Munich

  5. Berlin

  6. Montreal

  7. Paris

  8. Zurich

  9. Sydney

  10. Seoul

In 2017, Montreal made it to the top of the list. The city is lauded by students for its arts and culture, as well as its multi-cultural makeup. It also has the best bagels and poutine in the country. What’s not to love?