The best cities for a work-life balance in 2019

London was the only UK city to make the top 15. Photo: Lauren Hurley/PA Wire/PA Images

Helsinki, Munich, and Oslo are the best cities in the world for work-life balance, according to a new study.

Comparing data on work intensity, institutional support, legislation, and livability, tech company Kisi ranked 40 cities around the world on their success in promoting work-life balance to their citizens.

Helskini topped the list with full marks. Finland’s southern capital offers the highest number of minimum paid vacation days — 30 per year — and the highest number of maternal and parental leave days — 1127.

Source: Kisi

Helskini ranked highly when it came to spending money on social institutions. The city also had a top three gender equality score and the highest happiness score of a full 100.

London, meanwhile, came in 12th, with an overall score of 71.99 out of 100, brought down mainly by a “work intensity” score of 65.2. It was the only UK city to make the top 15.

A sample of results for London, United Kingdom. All scores are out of 100. Source: Kisi

This is somewhat unsurprising, as various research shows that despite the UK being in the midst of a productivity crisis, Brits work the longest hours in the EU.

The UK capital did have a top three “LGBT+ equality score,” as well as the highest “leisure score” of 100.

Meanwhile, Tokyo, Singapore, and Washington DC were found to be some of the most over-worked cities in the world, with work intensity scores of 100, 95.4, and 93.4, respectively.

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Australian cities had the highest healthcare score, followed by those in Japan and Italy. When it comes to access to mental healthcare, however, Oslo got the top score, with 68.9, followed by Zurich and Paris.

Oslo also did best in gender equality, with a score of 77.9, followed by Stockholm and Helsinki. Stockholm ranked first in LGBT+ equality, followed by Toronto and London.