'Your Best Day is Today': Anupam Kher introduces his third 'baby'

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Anupam Kher (Image Courtesy;- Twitter)
Anupam Kher (Image Courtesy;- Twitter)

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], November 15 (ANI): Reminiscing the past experiences of becoming an actor, Anupam Kher has introduced his third book, Your Best Day is Today, on his social media accounts.

The Saraansh actor shared a clip introducing his new book on Sunday, referring to it as his third baby on Instagram and Twitter. The actor, while announcing the book, recounted the memories of his days he struggled to become an actor. He also shared the reason for becoming an author. "I have always felt inspired to be an actor. I have really worked hard for it. I went to a drama school, did a three-year training, and then I went to a film institute. Then, on May 25, 1984, my first film was released and in the last 36 years, I have done 517 films. But, I have always wanted to feel intelligent. So, I said what should I do? So, I thought I should become an author. But, I think in Hindi and how do I become an author. So, the best thing will be using my experiences by penning them down. So, that's how my first book, The best thing about you is you came."

The former chairman of the Film and Television Institute of India explained what makes him extremely proud of his new book is the recollection of the experiences he incurred during the lockdown. Through the book, Kher has assembled all the ups and downs that occurred in his life, including the time when his mother Dulari and brother Raju got diagnosed with COVID-19. "The first copy is here! This is my experience of the lockdown and how in lockdown, I thought positivity is the philosophy you have to imbibe.. and it's out!"

Along with the clip, the two times National Film award winner wrote, "Your Best Day Is Today Introducing my third baby as an Author. A book that I wrote during the lockdown. A book that has come from within me. This is the first copy sent to me by my publishers @hayhouseindia on a very auspicious day, Diwali in New York. Writing it changed my outlook towards life and people. Hope it makes a difference in your life too. Meri toh Diwali ho gai (I got my Diwali) #YourBestDayIsToday #Motivational #ThirdBook."

His previous books are his biography Lessons Life Taught Me Unknowingly and The Best Thing About You is You.

Showing, the first copy of the new book, the actor quoted, "It smells good, it's fantastic. It makes me passionate about life; it makes me passionate about people. So, introducing my third book, Your best day is today to all of you. Get it!" (ANI)