The best films on TV today: Monday, 8 June

Hannibal, True Lies, Insidious.

Enjoy some stop motion nostalgia, an astutely emotional drama and a captivating sci-fi as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Monday 8 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Giant Venusian lizard attacks Rome in lesser known Ray Harryhausen treat and 50s B-movie classic 20 Million Miles to Earth 1:00pm Horror Channel

Pilgrims and prospectors face fear and carnivorous swarms with only a serial killer to rely on in exquisite nocturnal sci-fi Pitch Black 9:00pm Sky 1

Astral projecting parents pursue comatose kid further from ceiling-squatting, crimson faced demon in haunted house horror Insidious 9:00pm Horror Channel

Arnie abuses power, foils terrorist plot and survives a nuclear explosion in stupidly fun, strip-teasing guilty pleasure True Lies 9:00pm Film4

FILM 'TRUE LIES' BY JAMES CAMERON (Photo by Siemoneit/Sygma via Getty Images)

The humour and humiliations, love and loneliness, amity and enmity, experience and exasperation of life in the USMC for a young Jarhead 11:15pm Sky Atlantic

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Lifelong BFFs cross Rubicon into taboo territory on falling for each other’s Adonis-esque sons in unflinching, morally complex, forbidden romance Adore 11:50pm Film 4

Distraught Air Traffic Controller and inconsolably bereaved Arnie are fated to cross paths in morally complex powerhouse Aftermath 11:45pm Sony Movies

FBI agent becomes pawn in bitter billionaire’s game of vengeance while Anthony Hopkins makes Ray Liotta a delicious meal Hannibal 00:00am Channel 5

Sociopath kidnaps Gerard Butler’s daughter and forces him to dismantle his perfect life in lesser known thriller Butterfly on a Wheel 12:35am Sony Movie

Attempting to withdraw from society, teenager forms empathy for troubled his step-sister in insightful character study Me and You 2:05am Film 4

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