The best films on TV today: Sunday, 28 June

Big Eyes, God's Own Country, The Legend of Tarzan.

Whatever you want we have it today with feel good comedy, flighty fantasy, heartfelt first loves and coming out drama as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday 28 June.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Teenage time traveler breaks history, visits hoverboarding future/idealised past and dystopian present in flawless sequel Back to the Future Part II 2:55pm Film 4

Aspiring children’s author’s tumultuous friendship with cantankerous widower develops into horticultural analogy of life in quaint and whimsical wonder This Beautiful Fantastic 3:00pm BBC Two

Fish-farting ogre and friendless donkey free paradigm-smashing princess and live ugly ever after in wry, droll meta-comedy gem Shrek 5:00pm ITV2

Ocular enlarging esoteric artist allows another ownership of her artistic endeavours causing corrosive creative crisis Big Eyes 5:05pm Film4

Smokey And The Bandit, poster, US poster, from left: Jackie Gleason, Burt Reynolds, Sally Field, 1977. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Southern drawler and bridal hitchhiker bait racist sheriff for reasons with jumps, bumps and stunts in plot-less 90 min car chase and guilty pleasure Smokey and the Bandit 5:10pm ITV4

Fully formed, detailed characters of all ranks face fear and duty in tense, relentless and unnerving German masterpiece Das Boot 6:05pm Sony Movies Action

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Orphan pauper survives poverty in the Alec Guinness-starring, David Lean production of the timeless classic Oliver Twist (1948) 6:10pm Talking Pictures TV

Returning aristocratic ape-man/ant-eater assists Congolese tribes to derail Belgian badguy’s plans for slavery in gorilla punching adventure The Legend of Tarzan (2016) 6:50pm ITV2

Enduring ostracised status at wedding, oddballs and outcasts bond in Breakfast Club-inspired, character-led feel good fun Table 19 7:10pm Film4

Aspiring-artisan-cum-spectacular-stripper teachers protégé his wily ways- in lady-lubricating, abs-grinding dilemma drama Magic Mike 9:00pm Comedy Central

Savvy paranormal debunkers lock horns with intimidating spooky-psychic-spoonbender Robert De Niro in creepy curiosity Red Lights 9:00pm Horror Channel

A profiler must track a serial killer using the advice of one Hannibal Lector in Michael Mann’s chromatically emotive Manhunter 9:00pm Sky Atlantic

Shallow wastrel learns the depth and reward of human relationships from 13-year-old duck murderer in coming- of-age-late treat About a Boy 9:00pm Comedy Central

Amid communism’s fall, icy Mi6 agent tears through East and West Berlin seeking spy-list in exquisitely brutal neon joy Atomic Blonde 9:00pm Film4

Mutual respect grows between an unlikely pair as a rancher ferries a criminal to a prison pick up point in top western 3:10 to Yuma 10:50pm Sony Movies

Dirty jokes, hidden guns and an epic body count as a man in black seeks vengeance in drug run backwater career making action adventure Desperado 11:10pm Sony Movies Action

Against allegorical stark beauty of windswept countryside, young man discovers a love beyond his imagining in spellbinding, heartfelt tale of warmth and hope God's Own Country 11:10pm Channel 4

Smoking footprints and supernatural mutilations when a psychiatrist tries to debunk a devil cult in horror classic Night of the Demon 11:55pm Talking Pictures TV

Leaving freedom of New York, closeted young man returns home to small town conservative family for Christmas in eloquent and affecting character led wonder 1985 1:10am Channel 4

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