The best films on TV today: Saturday, 16 May

White God, A Most Violent Year, Ghost In The Shell.

There’s a huge amount of great movies on telly today. Get stuck into some cybernetic sci-fi, a touching teenage romcom, and a deft Danish drama as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV today: Saturday, 16 May.

Clairvoyant cat poop and science addicted outcasts cause reanimated creature chaos in Tim Burton's creepy kids comedy Frankenweenie 11:30am BBC Two

Communist revolution spirals into corruption and death beatings in kids cartoon / political agricultural allegory Animal Farm 12:55pm Film4

Fiercely independent rebel gets arrested to free incarcerated friend in anarchic Kirk Douglas / Trumbo classic Lonely Are the Brave 2:05pm ITV4

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Affable preteen kids instigate onslaught of abrasive author’s abominations in slappy-scheming, werewolf chewing fun Goosebumps 2:25pm Channel 5

On the cusp of womanhood, a girl becomes infatuated with a shadowless boy in the definitive telling of the classic tale Peter Pan (2003) 3:55pm ITV2

Anjelica Huston is kissed by Raul Julia in a scene from the film 'The Addams Family', 1991. (Photo by Orion/Getty Images)

Con artists attempt to defraud freakish family in grave-digging, booby-trapping, hand-scampering gothic fun The Addams Family (1991) 4:30pm Channel 5

Accidentally heroic, monologuing journal junky frontiersman befriends Sioux in sweeping ballad of mutual respect Dances With Wolves 4:55pm Sony Movies

Orphaned by fire, three siblings are shuffled from guardian to guardian trying to keep their family fortune from avaricious uncle: fantastical fun Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events 5:55pm E4

Seeking villainous boss for their existentially broken species, begoggled haphazard bumblers find criminal/ban-nana fun Minions 6:10pm ITV2

Hyper-observant wing-chun-discombobulater unravels cult leader's nefarious plot in devious Victorian mystery fun Sherlock Holmes 8:00pm ITV2

Quick-drawing snake-hunter rescues missionaries from mortar slaughtering Burmese in lumpy chunky body blasting fun Rambo 9:00pm Sony Movies

House arrested troubled teen suspects neighbour of serial killing and resorts to binocular voyeurism in Hitchcock remake Disturbia 9:00pm Film4

Cybersleuthing cyborg uncovers dystopian mind-hacking conspiracy in spider-tanking, existential optical orgasm Ghost in the Shell (2017) 9:15pm Channel 4

Raised national fame, local hero’s life inspires greatest boxing film of all time before leaving him adrift between notoriety and obscurity in charismatic true tale Chuck 10:45pm Sony Movies

Ex cop / ex alcoholic Kiefer Sutherland gets a new job at a haunted building in top ghostly glassier horror creepfest Mirrors 10:50pm Horror Channel

Danny Huston in a still from 30 Days of Night. (Columbia Pictures)

The few survivors of vampire onslaught on Alaskan town battle blood-lusting baddies in axe-decapitating, JCB melee 30 Days of Night 11:00pm SyFy Universal

Machete-massacring, scooter-stealing hooded hoodlums harass hirsute invader initiating unapologetic interstellar-urban onslaught Attack the Block 11:05pm Film 4

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Horse thief and virgin chaser Jack Nicholson is mercilessly harassed by perversely psychopathic dandy Marlon Brando The Missouri Breaks 11:10pm ITV4

What begins with hopeful idealism and a desire for better lives frays into flames of personal hatred and broken relationships in astute social study The Commune 00:00am BBC Two

Urgently trying to legitimise his business, Oscar Isaac faces catastrophe at every turn in intense dialogue drama A Most Violent Year 00:40am Sony Movies

Terminally ill 17-year-old girl works through virginity-losing, crime-committing bucket list in bitter sweet romcom-drama Now Is Good 00:40am BBC One

Separated from his loving teen owner and brutalised for sport, innocent dog forms marauding canine army in affecting curio White God 00:50am Film 4

Hopeless wastrel finds friends whilst working in illicit Mancunian massage parlour before being drawn into blood drenched mystery below: cult British curio Habit 1:00am Horror Channel

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