The best films to watch on UK TV today: Saturday, 19 December

Ben Dadds
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Carrie, Popstar, Forrest Gump.
Carrie, Popstar, Forrest Gump.

There are movies about British cultural revolution, evil horror, pop stars, and a Grandmother’s unbreakable love as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Saturday, 19 December, 2020.

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Sabretooth tiger, hairy elephant and idiotic drooling sloth seek to return baby to prehistoric family in acorn craving kids comedy Ice Age 11:00am Film 4

Family of blue birds transition to wild Amazonian environs amid chaos of unsavoury logging, poisonous Love and an evil Nigel Rio 2 12:35pm Film 4

Inappropriate social blurter / suncream squirter cheats his way to love and happiness in Richard Curtis’ romcom bonanza About Time 2:05pm 5 Star

Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson in About Time (Universal)
Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson in About Time (Universal)

Wine collecting doctor turned teenage testicle toucher heads up hunt for web of Venezuelan death spiders in splattery small town fun Arachnophobia 2:45pm Sony Movies

Medal seeking ham fisted bad-good-guy finds freakish friendship and existential fulfilment in sugar rushing retro fun Wreck-It Ralph 2:55pm BBC One

Seeking villainous boss for their existentially broken species, begoggled haphazard bumblers find criminal/ban-nana fun Minions 3:15pm ITV1

On the cusp of womanhood, a girl becomes infatuated with a shadowless boy in the definitive telling of the classic tale Peter Pan 3:45pm ITV2

The nature of inherent human evil explored with allegorical mastery in the unsettling social critique Lord of the Flies 3:45pm Talking Pictures

'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'. (Credit: Studiocanal)
'Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure'. (Credit: Studiocanal)

Teen Doctor Who duo air guitar through history in time traveling phone box to realise wisdom is knowing they know nothing Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 4:55pm Sony Movies

Lonely, sleep-deprived santa-sceptic boy undertakes dead-eyed rail excursion to uncanny valley in kids creepfest The Polar Express 5:00pm Sky 1

Workaholic dad rediscovers childhood adventure and zeal in Steven Spielberg’s swashbuckling insult-battling pirate fighting fun Hook 6:00pm SyFy

Vietnam vets and sly scientists explore hidden land of MUTO monsters and mega mammals in helicopter hurticane heaven Kong: Skull Island 6:00pm ITV2

Stranded at JFK airport when his nation ceases to exist Tom Hanks encounters jobs-worths and kindness of strangers The Terminal 6:25pm Film 4

!XTREME! sports-hulk inXplicably undertakes Xplosive undercover anti-anarchist mission in Xhilerating stunting guilty pleasure xXx 6:45pm 5 Star

<p>First appearing in ‘True Grit’, 20-year-old Hailee Steinfeld has proven herself to be quite a versatile actress… and she’s also a bit of a fan favourite for the role of Batgirl. Also starring in ‘Ender’s Game’ and ‘Barely Lethal’ she’s proven herself as a capable action star. But can she pull off a stint as Batgirl?<br /> (Credit: DirecTV Cinema) </p>
Hailee Steinfeld in Ender's Game. (Credit: DirecTV Cinema)

Child-prodigy/tactical-genius trains to battle Xenocidal aliens' onslaught in morally complex, cerebral and sublime imagining of strategic SF classic Ender's Game 9:00pm SyFy

Savvy paranormal debunkers lock horns with intimidating spooky-psychic-spoon-bender Robert DeNiro in creepy curiosity Red Lights 9:00pm Horror Channel

After murder of his puppy, bereaved hitman Keanu Reeves brings tempest of exquisitely executed gun-fu-ju-jitsu on gangster's foolish son John Wick 9:00pm Sky 1

Sir Michael Caine explores the cultural revolution spilling out of swinging 1960s London and the lasting impact of youth culture and society unshackled My Generation 9:00pm BBC Two.

Serial killing landlord sets sights on abortion seeking tenant while planning to pin it on her hapless husband 10 Rillington Place 9:00pm Alibi

A simple man travels through formative years of America’s adolescence without noticing any of it. Also eats some chocolates Forrest Gump 9:20pm Channel 4

'Forrest Gump' 1994 directed by Robert Zemeckis. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images)
'Forrest Gump' 1994 directed by Robert Zemeckis. (Photo by Sunset Boulevard/Getty Images)

Cusping upon middle age, loving couple's marriage frays and reforms under the strain of family and life in exquisitely observed comedic character study This Is 40 10:00pm COMEDY CENTRAL

Disillusioned prof's teaching of ambitious working class woman causes her familial friction in Pygmalion reimagining Educating Rita 10:40pm BBC Two

Unrelenting bloodless melee explodes in avaricious rampage for control of dead dragon's keep The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies 10:40pm ITV1

CIA n00b chases, protects and bonds with a very dangerous, jaded criminal in spectacular character driven action drama Safe House 10:45pm ITV4

Obnoxious immature college girl must solve her repeated murder: character arcing gleeful groundhogging mystery fun Happy Death Day 10:55pm Film 4

Timid chap becomes axe-wielding gore-soaked deadite destroyer in wrist chewing, flesh-possessing demonic blood bath The Evil Dead (1981) 11:10pm Horror Channel

Denzel Washington bends space and time to prevent atrocity that already happened Tony Scott's high concept Schrodingers Box Deja Vu 11:20pm Sony Movies

Girl’s transition to womanhood brings forth frightening destructive power forged foul in fires of motherly hatred and public humiliation in blood drenched psycho-drama Carrie (1976) 12:10am Channel 4

Lesbian undertones and blackmail as an elderly teacher manipulates new friend over the anvil of an underage affair Notes on a Scandal 12:25am BBC One

After wolf-mauling-Buffalo-Bill-career-collapse supercilious Styleboy overcomes ego in raucous fun Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping 12:45am Film 4

Brutalised woman executes attackers in eye-plucking, teeth-pulling, body-blasting repugnant revenge rampage I Spit on Your Grave (2010) 12:50am Horror Channel

Indomitable matriarch helps granddaughter gather cash for abortion on day-long journey of emotional exploration and cathartic closure in edgy and endearing dramedy Grandma 2:25am Film 4

Expert advice giver / widower meets perfect woman, ignores family and ruins fraternal bond in delightful romcom Dan in Real Life 3:50am Sony Movies

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