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20. 'Child's Play'

The original Chucky franchise is still churning out well-received sequels under the guidance of creator Don Mancini, but that didn't prevent rights holders MGM from hitting the reboot button, with Mark Hamill lending his memorable voice to the killer doll. The smart technology themes are timely and interesting, but it's Hamill who is the star here for sure. (Credit: Vertigo Releasing)

The 20 best horror movies of 2019

Tom Beasley

Cinema’s creepiest genre has yielded its fair share of riches in 2019, from the box office dynamite of Stephen King’s killer clown through to the gore-soaked determination of Samara Weaving’s bride in Ready or Not.

This year has yielded ghost stories, animal attacks and even a possessed dress, in one of the most varied, diverse horror periods in many years.

Here are the best scary offerings from 2019, based on UK release dates.

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