From nuzzling lions to a roaring Simba, you just can't wait to get these 'Lion King' toys

Twenty-five years after The Lion King roared in movie theaters, Disney’s cartoon classic is returning to theaters in an all-new form. The new Lion King brings its animal cast to life through state-of-the-art photorealistic animation and a cast led by Donald Glover, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter and Chiwetel Ejiofor. Here’s Yahoo Entertainment’s guide to the fresh wave of Lion King merchandise currently available on shelves.

Nuzzling Simba & Nala

Nuzzling Simba & Nala (Photo: Just Play)

Can you feel the cuteness tonight? These 10” plush versions of The Lion King’s adorable royal couple get all nuzzly when you press their cheeks together.

Shop it: $24.99 on Amazon

The Lion King Funko Pops

Scar Funko Pop (Photo: Funko)

If you ask us, this ferocious Scar is the pick of Funko’s Lion King litter. But if you want a Pop with a smidgen more cuddle, Simon, Timon, Pumbaa and Rafiki are your spirit animals.

Shop it: $10.99 each on Entertainment Earth

Build-a-Bear Lion King Collection

Puumba Build-a-Bear (Photo: Build-a-Bear Workshop)
Timon Build-a-Bear (Photo: Build-a-Bear)

Can’t choose between a cuddly version of Puumba or Timon? Hakuna matata, friends! Thanks to Build-a-Bear, you can buy both. Nala and Simba are also available as childhood pals or grown-up royalty.

Shop it: $15-$35 on Build-a-Bear Workshop

The Lion King Monopoly

The Lion King Monopoly (Photo: Hasbro)

It’s the circle of (board game) life: Pass Go and tour such Pride Rock-adjacent properties as the Tree of Life and Elephant Graveyard. Play pieces include Simba, Nala and Mufasa.

Shop it: $24.48 at Walmart

The Lion King Mash’ems

The Lion King Mash'ems (Photo: Basic Fun)

Basic Fun’s line of pint-sized squeezable Lion King Mash’ems will get you feeling all squishy inside. Buy them individually or collect the 6-pack, which comes with a mystery glow-in-the-dark character.

Shop it: $4.99 at Walmart or $17.99 for the 6-pack on Amazon

Nala and Simba Plush

Nala Plush (Photo: Shop Disney)
Simba Plush (Photo: Shop Disney)

Here’s a toy that does some good for the planet: For each of these special edition plush versions of Nala and Simba that you purchase, Disney will donate $5 to the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund, which supports Africa’s lion population.

Shop it: $19.95 each on Shop Disney

Roaring Simba

The Lion King Roaring Simba (Photo: Just Play)

Little Simba finds his roar courtesy of Just Play’s deluxe plush toy. Push the button on his leg, and the heir to Pride Rock moves his head and mouth to utter growls and dialogue from the movie.

Shop it: $29.97 on Walmart

The Lion King Audiobook

(Photo: Audible)

Follow Simba’s journey from cubhood to adulthood, sans music, courtesy of the all-new novelization, performed by Audible regular, Janina Edwards.

Shop it: $13.61 or free with an Audible subscription

The Lion King T-shirt

(Photo: Shop Disney)

Declare your Lion King pride with this warm weather tee, emblazoned with a roaring Simba lording over the Pride Lands.

Shop it: $24.95 on Shop Disney

Mighty Roar Simba

Mighty Roar Simba (Photo: Hasbro)

Hasbro’s wide-eyed Simba comes with over 100 sound-and-motion combinations, from “Hakuna matata” to “Slimy, yet satisfying.” He’ll utter the latter after you feed him a tasty grub. That’s the food chain in action, right there.

Shop it: $74.99 on Amazon

The Lion King opens in theaters on July 19. Visit Fandango for showtime and ticket information.

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