How Best Can You Lose Weight According to Your Zodiac Sign

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What comes to your mind when we talk about the Universe? A dark night, star-studded sky, vast celestial expanse, Astronomy, Astrophysics? What else? Well, do you know that the cosmic DNA of our destiny is also stored in the positions of these celestial bodies lying millions of light-years away from us? Sounds difficult to believe? It won’t be difficult to believe if you open your mind to the infinite possibilities that exist in existence, without dogmatising our beliefs either in science or in religion.

Well, are you aware that as per the belief, the Universe is one, single, unified, integrated structure? Any one thing in the cosmos influences every other thing therein. One change anywhere changes the entire Universe. So, everyone and everything is intrinsically inter-related and inter-dependent on everyone else and everything else. Astrology is born out of the above existential characteristic. As per Astrology or the science of stars & human destiny, it is the celestial bodies in the cosmos that, to a great extent, decide human destiny. As ultimately, we live in the cosmos, so the planets and stars near us naturally exert an influence that affects us. Don’t the Sun and the Moon influence Earth’s oceans and cause solar and lunar tides, respectively? In the same manner, the celestial bodies influence our life and destiny.

So, there are so many things which are decided by the stars and planets. One of them is our body structure and weight. Well, let us tell you that the weight loss techniques are also by your zodiac signs (the 12 astronomical regions of Astrology in which the entire humankind and anyone who is born and dies are divided). So, carry on to know the weight loss techniques for your zodiac sign and make the most out of your life.

Weight Loss For Aries: You Should Work & Sweat To Lessen Weight
You are highly dynamic and energetic. But you can not restrain your eating habits. So, you should work out and sweat to reduce your weight rather than restricting your food intake. Suppose you can not find time for the gym, then you should pursue aerobics. Brisk walking and cycling are the best aerobics options for the enthusiastic Aries. Besides, you should follow any health program for 100 days to make it a habit.

Weight Loss For Taurus: Take Recourse To A Health Instructor
The fixed & adamant bull can do hard work, but you usually need someone who can push you. You are not that self-motivated. It is a tough task for you to adhere to any routine on your own. You should follow a good health instructor who can push his/her limits and introduce a healthy lifestyle. In case you don’t have an instructor, you can have some fitness partners and initiate healthy rituals like a jog or walk.

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Weight Loss For Gemini: Restrict Your Social Outings
The natives of the Gemini sign are big-time foodies. They want to party with their loved and close ones, which makes them gain excessive weight. If you want to lessen your weight, you should stay away from such social gatherings and cook your food. Besides, taking steps instead of the elevator or taking a walk to the nearest shopping mall is also a good idea.

Weight Loss For Cancer: Need The Support Of Their Near & Dear Ones
Cancerians are quite emotional. They are attached to everyone and everything around them, including food. They can not just say ‘NO’. Besides, they want a companion to enjoy food, thus the people around them should stop offering them, in this way, crabs can try to stick to their health goals. Also, they should create a health chart and should follow it sternly. A long romantic walk with your partner can be beneficial for your health and emotional support. This water element sign can also enrol themselves for swimming classes.

Weight Loss For Leo: Weight Loss Is Not Tough For The Sporty Lions
Leo natives love challenges. They are genuine leaders and can lead a team with a common weight loss goal. They can spend several hours on the playground enthusing their team. Sports is the best option for them as a means for weight loss. They are big-time foodies and giving up on food is a big no for them. Besides sports, they can also go for aerobics and dance sessions.

Weight Loss For Virgo: Health Conscious Virgins Can Slip Into Diet Plan
Virgins are health-conscious people and they like preparing diet charts. They can follow any diet plan. As they are perfectionists, nature stops them from being cheaters. They will follow their routine strictly once they decide on it. Virgins can also do Yoga daily for better metabolism. They love to spend time in their natural surroundings, therefore a morning walk or jog can keep them fit and healthy.

Weight Loss For Libra: The Want For Good Looks Can Make Them Diet
Librans are a highly positive zodiac sign. Good looks and a charming personality is their first desire. They can go to any extent to maintain their good looks and charisma. Don’t feel surprised if you see a Libra giving up on their favourite food. You may find them in a gym or fitness club talking about fitness goals with their instructor.

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Weight Loss For Scorpio: Will Work Hard To Manage Their Weight
They have a water element, so they find themselves perfect and don’t like to do anything until someone pushes them into it. Scorpions don’t go for yoga or light workout plans, and rather they prefer to work hard till they sweat. They may join any of the following forms for weight loss - boxing, mixed martial art, and gymming. These classes do not just help them in their goal but also keep them active.

Weight Loss For Sagittarius: Adventure Activities Can Lessen Their Weight
Jupiter is the main planet for the increase in weight, and also it is the lord of archers. Weight may not be an issue for Sagittarius, but they dislike being pinched by others about their heavy body. They are adventurists. They should avoid taking excessive sugar in their diet and join nature. They love trekking, hiking, rock climbing. Besides daily gyming, they should go for adventurous trips more frequently

Weight Loss For Capricorn: Strong Will Makes Them Lessen Weight Easily
Capricorns are very dedicated chaps. They are famous for their determination and willpower. They are true to their words and like to follow the program they enrol for, regardless of its rigidity or toughness. They are less picky in terms of food habits. So, a good diet plan can work for them.

Weight Loss For Aquarius: Need More Discipline To Reduce Weight
They are somewhat egoistic, so Aquarius natives can never follow a path if they asked to do so. They often like to carve their trail. They don’t like to enrol in any health program. Unless they pay attention to what their body wants, it is hard to lose weight. They should follow a strict diet and exercise plan if they want to meet their fitness goals.

Weight Loss For Pisces: Water Sports Can Be Their Best Activity
Pisces natives belong to the water element. Therefore, they love to spend time around aquatic places. Water sports can be the best activity for their health regime. Pisces are highly foodie and can munch anything anywhere. At the same time, they should increase their water intake, take a more liquid diet, and avoid heavy and junk food; only then will they be able to reduce their weight.

Like to quote here Joseph Pilates - “Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness”. Pay attention and listen to what your body is asking for and open new doors to a healthy self and a happy mind.

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