How to protect your clothes from moths: shop the 'only product that works'

Here's how to protect your clothes from moths. [Photo: Getty]

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There’s nothing worse than getting out your favourite jumper and finding it’s covered in holes. Although there’s a slim chance you could have snagged it without noticing, the most common culprits are moths.

Moths are incredibly common and thrive on materials such as wool, cashmere and other fabrics made from animal hair.

But, before you sacrifice your winter wardrobe, know that there are many products that will protect your garments. From anti-moth sachets to sprays and traps, the choice these days extends far beyond mothballs.

But the top product? Lavender-scented moth killing sachets, which cost just £6.99 and have rave reviews.

Almost 200 shoppers have left positive feedback on the product, which is available to buy from John Lewis.

One customer says it’s “the answer to moth free clothes” while another claims it’s “the only thing that works!”.

“I buy these hanging moth killers from John Lewis every year for all my wardrobes,” adds a third happy customer.

Acana Hanging Moth Killer and Wardrobe Freshener, Pack of 6 £6.99

Many are loyal customers, having purchased the products for many years.

“Have been using these hanging sachets regularly for 3 years and have been very pleased with them. So far I have not had any problems with moths since I started to use this product,” says another.

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Each sachet (there are six in total) lasts for up to six months and has a helpful indicator that lets you know when the sachet needs to be replaced.

The design feature also seems to be a hit with customers: “Love the fact it tells you when it’s finished by saying END.”

But, if you want to get your hands on the product, you may want to hurry.

One customer wrote: “Please make sure there are plenty of stocks in your shops over the winter, as I had a problem finding it at the beginning of the year.”

So, whether you’ve spotted a few new holes in garments or just want to be better safe than sorry, for £6.99 it’s definitely a worthy purchase.

Shop the top-rated product

Acana Hanging Moth Killer and Wardrobe Freshener | £6.99

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