Best movies and series to watch on Hulu

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Are you bored and have nothing to do? The global pandemic has made us trapped in our houses. But then there are some really great platforms on which you can watch movies and series. Hulu has some really great content to watch. It is also worth checking out. We bring to you a list of the best movies and also series on Hulu. Go grab some popcorn and then start watching these gems.

Best movies/series on Hulu

  1. NomadLand

  • IMDb rating – 7.5/10.

  • Running time – 1hour 50 minutes.

The OSCAR winner Nomadland is on this platform if you want to watch. The story revolves around a lady in her sixties who, in the wake of losing everything in the Great Recession, then sets out on a journey through the American West, living as a van-dwelling modern-day nomad. Individuals from the supporting cast are genuine nomads playing fictionalized variants of themselves.

2. Palm Springs

best movies/series on Hulu
best movies/series on Hulu
  • IMDb rating – 7.4/10.

  • Running time – 1hour 30 minutes.

Cristin Miloti and Andy Samberg star as Sarah and Nyles, two wedding guests who are stuck in a time loop. Then their solitary possibility of escape is attached to having individual personal breakthroughs. Palm Springs is directly into the enchanting indie movie class: its new science fiction premise goes about as a door to explore further ideas.

3. Run

  • IMDb rating – 6.7/10.

  • Running time – 1hour 39minutes.

Diane raises Chloe in complete isolation. Diane has put complete control over her since her birth. But then now as a young person, Chloe is beginning to investigate her mom’s secrets. Be ready to witness some suspense, secret, and also horror as Diane takes helicopter nurturing to another level.

4. The Handmaid’s Tale

best movies/series on Hulu
best movies/series on Hulu
  • IMDb rating – 8.4/10.

This series takes place in Gilead, a totalitarian society that is essential for the United States. A fundamentalist system controls Gilead that regards ladies as property of the state. Then it is also a place with environmental calamities and a dropping rate of birth. In an urgent endeavor to repopulate a crushed world, the couple of remaining fertile ladies are constrained into sexual servitude. One of these ladies, Offred dedicates herself to surviving the alarming world she lives in. Also, to discover her lost daughter.

5. The Great

  • IMDb – 8.1/10

Elle Fanning stars as Catherine the Great in her initial days moving to Russia to live with her new spouse. But then he ends up being undeniably less romantic than her naive heart anticipated. The Great has some really incredibly indecent lines conveyed by the most unexpected characters.

6. Solar Opposites

best movies/series on Hulu
best movies/series on Hulu
  • IMDb rating -8/10

Solar Opposites revolves around a family of aliens who should take shelter on Earth, a spot that is both interesting and dreadful to them in equivalent measure. Solar Opposites is simply a hit with comedy, humanity, and also craziness.

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