‘Best photobomb ever’: Deer crashes wedding photoshoot, munches bride’s bouquet!

The friendly deer greeted the couple and quickly spotted the bride s bouquet and couldn’t resist the delicious flowers! (Source: Laurenda Marie Photography/ Facebook)

Gatecrashers at weddings usually don’t leave the couple and the guests delighted. However, for one Michigan couple, owing to one gatecrasher, their wedding photos went viral and it ensured the pair had a great time. Morgan and Luke Mackley wanted to preserve the memories of their special day with some romantic and beautiful shots during the golden hour. When their photographer decided to capture them in an open space, little did they know they would be photobombed by an inquisitive deer.

The duo, who were celebrating their nuptials on the Felt Estate, in Saugatuck, Michigan suddenly saw an uninvited guest, who not only wanted to be a part of the special pictures but also thought the bride’s wedding bouquet as a snack!

Yes, photos and video show the overtly friendly dear not scared by human presence but smartly approaching the newlyweds to steal the show and demanding to bite the ‘delicious’ flowers.

Photos show the deer first just peeping in the background and later coming near them, sticking its head out over a fence. But soon it got confidence and was drawn towards the bride’s bouquet.

Morgan really wanted the post-ceremony wedding photos to take place in a field near the reception, so we walked over there after dinner, photographer Laurenda Bennett, of Laurenda Marie Photography told Best Life. The deer was grazing in the field, and, as soon as it saw us, it walked right over and stepped over this little white fence and started grabbing individual flowers from the bouquet.

Although the bride tried to save the special bouquet, the deer was in no mood to give up. (Source: Laurenda Marie Photography/ Facebook)

The photographer recollected that the bride was little baffled at first and decided to save her special flowers and held the bouquet up in the air. However, refusing to budge, the buck simply jumped for it.

Although it s customary for the bride to throw her bouquet, as tradition says that whoever catches it will be the next one to walk down the aisle, for the couple there was no chance for that. Instead, it became the animal’s evening snack.

Jumping up in the air, the buck munched on the beautiful flowers. (Source: Laurenda Marie Photography/ Facebook)

"We ended up just dropping the bouquet and letting the deer have it," Bennett said. "The deer was just munching away," the photographer told InsideEdition.

But it seems this is not the first time this buck has stole the thunder from lovebirds. "It’s kind of this infamous deer in Saugatuck," said Bennett. "It’s always by itself." The shutterbug isn’t sure but thinks the bouquet eater may have been the viral deer, who s been known to roam the area looking for couples to photobomb. In July, he snuck into the engagement photos of a couple in a meadow and also crashed the beach-side proposal for another Michigan couple.

Finally, the bride decided to leave it for the buck instead of bridesmaids and female guests at the wedding. (Source: Laurenda Marie Photography/ Facebook)

However, the deer didn’t just steal the bouquet and nibbled on the whole thing. Apart from making the wedding photoshoot extremely special, it also left a gift for the bride. When we walked back to the area where we dropped the bouquet, the deer was gone but there was one white rose still intact," Bennett told The Dodo. "She picked it up and joked, It s the final rose referring to The Bachelorette.

As the photos and video were shared online, it quickly went viral and people couldn’t have enough of it. While some remarked how one can never plan a unique photshoot like this, others lauded the photographer for capturing the once-in-a-lifetime shots so remarkably.