Best places for Breakfast in Hyderabad

There’s a lot more to food in Hyderabad than its (may we argue) overrated biryani. If it’s breakfast you’re looking for, we’ve rounded up some of the best places in the City of Nizams.

Chutneys, multiple locations
This chain of restaurants serves south Indian as well as north Indian food. So you can expect everything from idlis and dosas to parathas for breakfast at Chutneys. The clue as to what makes this chain stand out is in its name. Expect a wide range of, yes, chutneys with your breakfast.
Opens at: 7 am
Photograph: Kiritkiran / Instagram

Shah Ghouse Cafe & Restaurant, Tolichowki
You’ve likely been to Shah Ghouse for biryani, but did you know this iconic eatery opens its doors as early as 5 am to serve breakfast to hungery Hyderabadis? Head over to Shah Ghouse for traditional malai paya, khichri keema and paya soup.
Opens at: 5 am
Photograph: hrushikesh_reddyyy / Instagram

Ram Ki Bandi, Nampally
Don’t let the pushcart put you off. By most estimates, Ram Ki Bandi serves the best dosas in the city. And with a smile. Ram Ki Bandi keeps the oddest hours—from 3 am to 8 am. So if you want to try out their varied dosas—we’re talking double cheese dosa, paneer dosa, pizza dosa, etc—make sure you don’t mind going to sleep late or wake up super early.
Opens at: 3 am
Photograph: vennela_446 / Instagram

Pragati Tiffin Centre, Koti 
Like Ram Ki Bandi, Pragati Tiffin Centre also serves a variety of south Indian fare, including an experimental range of dosas—think butter paneer masala dosa, Chinese dosa, etc—that aren’t just delicious, but also extremely reasonable. Named after Pragati College opposite which it stands, PTC can fill you up for as little as Rs 100.
Opens at: 6.30 am
Photograph: Foodeversquad / Instagram

Hotel Nayaab, Ghansi Bazar
Like Shah Ghouse, Nayaab is another great place for Hyderabadi breakfast. From bheja fry and bheja masala to malai paya and gurda fry, you’ll find it all under one roof. Of course the food is delicious, just don’t expect to start your day on a healthy note with this meal, that’s all!
Opens at: 4 am
Photograph: Delhifoodwalks / Instagram

Ofen, Banjara Hills
If it’s a healthy breakfast you’re looking for, head over to Banjara Hills where Ofen serves up Continental and American options along with several dishes for the health conscious. Ofen also serves all-day breakfast, but their pancakes, waffles and eggs are what will keep you coming back.
Opens at: 8 am
Photograph: Arunvenuav / Instagram

Minerva Coffee Shop, multiple locations 
Order for idlis, vadas or dosas and wash them all down with lime soda and Minerva’s trademark filter coffee. This chain of cafes also serves some great meals—peas pulao, thali, etc—in case you don’t make it in time for breakfast.
Opens at: 7am
Photograph: the_edible_geography / Instagram

Beyond Coffee, multiple locations
True to its name, Beyond Coffee aims to be more than just a café. All the Beyond Coffee venues have a great ambience and gallery spaces that showcase works of contemporary local artists. And, oh, did we mention they serve up some amazing pancakes, sandwiches, and pastas too?
Opens at: 7am
Photograph: Udayvunnam / Instagram

Govind Ki Bandi, Charminar
Govind ki Bandi may just be a street-side stall, but it’s an institution alright. All you need is to ask someone in the Charminar neighbourhood where Govind ki Bandi is and they’ll immediately point you in its direction. This establishment serves up amazing dosas and idlis, calorie count be damned. Don’t expect seating, so be prepared to have your breakfast standing. Chances are you won’t regret it.
Opens at: 6.30 am
Photograph: Hyderabadfoodbowl / Instagram