Best white wines under Rs 2,000

If you’re looking for a great way to end 2020 without burning a hole in your pocket, we have you sorted.

1. York Vineyards Chenin Blanc

Partly fermented and matured in French oak barrels, the York Vineyards Chenin Blanc has undertones of pineapple and guava and comes at a reasonable Rs 700.

2. Sula Vineyards Riesling

If you prefer a sweet Riesling, this one from Sula is your go-to wine. The Sula Vineyards Riesling has a honey-melon mellowness and retails at about Rs 895.

3. Valdivieso Sauvignon Blanc

With its grassy, green apple notes, the Valdivieso Sauvignon Blanc pairs well with anything you put on the barbecue and costs about Rs 1,280.

4. Fairview Goats Do Roam White

This South African wine has a zesty tart flavour that is said to come from the berries discovered by the goats of the vineyard’s owners. Retails at Rs 1,450

5. Montes Chardonnay

This Chilean Chardonnay with its peach, pear and pineapple notes will transport you to a cool villa by the beach and at just Rs 1,820!

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