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Sumit Bhardwaj and Sonal Vengulekar

The ‘Beyhadh’ fame actor has recently fessed up that not only is he seeing fellow actor Sonal Vengulekar but is in fact madly in love with her. Sumit and Sonal fill in as the lead pair in Shastri Sisters and is one of the most admired small screen jodis.

We bet you didn't know these tele-actors were dating in real life too!

You have loved these tele actors enough and more for the life they bring into every role they play. You have rooted for the love stories you saw on television and cried when they fell apart. With their flawless rendition, they convinced you things were real. Now what if we told you, things were actually real?

Wondering how amazing chemistry these tele stars share onscreen, did it ever occur to you that maybe it’s because they are a couple of screen too.

Here are 9 tele couples, you perhaps didn’t you were dating in real life.