Better Call Mr. Robb Quinn For New Modern Sales Techniques That Has Helped Flourish Him in the Field of Sales

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In the age of booming startups and technological miracles, ideas blossom in every determined, smart and potential-brimmed employee. The tremendous impact of Covid-19 devasted the work environment of various organizations. Downsizing and constraints on employee cost budgets paved the pathway of entrepreneurship for many. But, let’s face it, putting the first brick for your start-up venture is dreaded by many. Let’s say - there might be resource abundance and product excellence. However, even this would hinder your exponential growth and potential billion-dollar valuation in absence of a strong robust sales wing. This is where the thousands in the world turned to Mr. Robb Quinn and his venture “The Sales Agency”. This combo helps you spread your wings and fly higher than you ever thought you could.

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When adversities hit his well-settled sales job, Mr. Quinn was in crossways - another sales job or be someone to change the course of things in the marketing & sales industry. Being a jack of all trades and master of none contrasted the nature of Mr. Quinn. He decided to master and strengthen his vast and experienced skill set in sales and marketing.

The pursuit of revolutionizing the industry led to the birth of “The Sales Agency” in October 2017.

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With the simplest yet the most effective motto of “Scaling Sales Simplified”, Mr. Quinn owned the show at a sales development company that masters basic yet most crucial process of generating high-quality leads, successfully converting these leads and securing quality clients with a long-life cycle. Staffing and training remote sales reps to book sales calls and close new enrollments has proved to be of help to multiple businesses during the testing pandemic.

The Sales Agency achieved the feat of being a million-dollar company in just two years of establishment and the determination of Mr. Quinn to take his venture par the revenue of over 100 million dollars in the coming five years is non-debatable. Catering to over 700 clients and growing with each passing day, Mr. Quinn truly believes that each one of them plays an important role in the success of his company.

Robb Quinn is the one-stop solution for all your sales problems. Next time you find yourself in one, Better Call Robb!

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