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Paleolithic diet:

Uma Thurman, Jessica Biel, Megan Fox have all claimed to be a part of this miracle weight-loss diet plan. Eat like the cavemen and women did and lose weight, is the principle on which the Paleolithic diet is based. The diet involves eating food such as meats, nuts and seeds, fruits, vegetables, fish and healthy fats and avoiding processed food and refined carbohydrates from food such as pasta, bread, cereals, dairy, refined sugar, refined vegetable oil potatoes, salt, wheat and other grains and legumes.

The practitioners of this diet claim that by avoiding all processed food, you are avoiding chemicals and, thus, all the harmful diseases that come with it. Proponents also argue that the paleo diet, with its focus on lean protein, helps in strengthening and building muscles. Since a major source of protein in the diet comes from cold-water fish, the diet is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

Dangers: A study published in Australia’s Nutrition and Diabetes has also revealed that mice who were fed a Paleo diet gained 15 percent of their body weight in two months, apart from developing painful ailments. This diet is also not meant for vegetarians as the main source of proteins in the diet comes from meat, fish and egg, since legumes and beans are not allowed. It is low in carbohydrates, hence, not ideal for athletes and others with a very active lifestyle.

You would be better off avoiding these celebrity endorsed diet fads

There are tons of diet plans out there, many of which are championed by celebrities, and are proclaimed to be highly effective when it comes to reducing weight. However, most come with their own set of drawbacks and dangers.

Here are seven diet plans endorsed by celebrities which you would be better off avoiding, than blindly following: