Beyhadh 2, REVIEW, Episode 1: Stunner Jennifer Winget's Latest Obsession Promises To Become Obsessive Viewing If It Doesn't Drop The Ball To Become Repetitive- EXCLUSIVE

She's looking more attractive, her voice is huskier than before. Of course, we are talking about Jennifer Winget. The first episode of Beyhadh 2 last night had me transfixed. Jennifer's entry scene of emerging from the waters of a beach was something really innovative. Loved her sword-fighting scene and you could make out the hardwork that has been put in the form of rehearsals.

Yeah, transfixed on her---  but even the content. The story of trapping two men (brothers) with her charms- the writing on the wall- can develop to be very interesting.

bayhadh 2

Shivin Narang looked dashing. It was great to see Ashish Chaudhary again in the thick of things, he looked completely at ease. I am just waiting for the track of Jennifer and him being involved and Jennifer getting dumped by him, as the reports suggest and something that was also evident from the 23 minutes run-time yesterday.

beyhadh 2

The production values looked remarkable. Good close-ups, good background music, good dialogues. So far so good.

But before I close, just a word of caution to the makers (Cinevistaas, producer & Sony, broadcaster). Don't make it repetitive. This obsession plot seemed to be walking on the borderline of repetition. We have seen it in Beyhadh 1. Yes, we want to see it again. But there's a remote possibility that a similar premise in Beyhadh 2 can become like 'arre yeh toh hamne dekha hai'. Like for example, Kangan Nangia clearly looked that she would reprise Aneri Vajani's role from the first part.

So yeah, a lot of midnight oil has to be burnt.

beyhadh 2

For a suggestion, develop Ashish Chaudhary's family story thicker- and of course, have more twists and turns, and maybe, introduce still more characters. And at times, even take the story away from the path of obsession/revenge. But... but... but, yet keep Jennifer in the centre. She's the jaan of the show, after all.

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