Beyhadh: Ayaan comes back to stop Maya’s baby shower and get her arrested?

Anusha Iyengar
Here's what's going to happen in Beyhadh next.

Just when you think Maya’s life is going to be a bed of roses finally comes another twist. After Samay’s death, Arjun (Kushal Tandon) grudgingly accepts Maya (Jennifer Winget) back only because she is pregnant with his baby. But everyone in the family accepts her hoping that the baby changes her life. Vandana and Janvi will accept her thinking that the baby might change her behaviour and make her a positive person. The two mothers get ready for Maya’s baby shower with a lot of enthusiasm. Post the leap, Maya swears to become a better woman. In fact, we even heard that she will get herself admitted in an asylum to protect the baby.

However, at the baby shower, a surprise awaits Maya. Ayaan will finish his time in prison and will crash Maya’s baby shower. He will make a smashing and surprising entry during the baby shower ceremony. While everyone will be shocked to see him, he will go and hug Maya calling her ‘Bhabhi’. Maya will obviously feel very uncomfortable with Ayaan’s presence. But the man has a plan. In a shocking turn of events, the policemen who come with Ayaan will announce that they are here to arrest Maya for everything that she has done. Everyone, including Maya, will be shocked to hear this. (ALSO READ: Ishqbaaz’s Shivaay, Beyhadh’s Arjun or Yeh Rishta’s Karthik – Who do you think would make a better father?)

But Ayaan will lighten the environment by laughing and telling everyone that it’s a joke. Everyone will be relieved and laugh at Ayaan’s prank. Saanjh will be the only person noticing Maya’s tension during the drama and will be convinced that she might not change after all. She will obviously try to dig into the truth and find out more about Maya. What we’re really interested in is how is Ayaan is going to turn this around and add more spice to this drama. Clearly, he will not forgive Maya for what she has done and he will want to seek revenge.

Will Ayaan join Saanjh in finding out the truth and exposing Maya or will Maya use her baby to get out of the situation? Post your thoughts in the comments below and stay hooked with us for more.