Beyoncé says she’s proud of daughter Blue Ivy’s confidence in Making The Gift documentary

Sabrina Barr
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Beyoncé Knowles-Carter has expressed the pride she feels in her eldest daughter’s confidence in a clip from her new documentary Making The Gift.

Earlier this week, the singer revealed that a documentary special about the creation of her recent The Lion King: The Gift album would air on American television network ABC on Monday evening.

One of the tracks on the soundtrack album is called “Brown Skin Girl” and features the vocal talents of Beyoncé’s seven-year-old daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.

In Making The Gift, Beyoncé speaks about the significance of seeing videos of fathers singing the song to their young daughters, which features the lyrics: “Brown skin girl/ Your skin just like pearls/ The best thing in the world.”

“When I see fathers singing ‘Brown Skin Girl’ to their daughters, to know that my daughter can have the same opportunities and feel confident and feel like she doesn’t have to take her braids down and she can comb her afro out and she can glisten in her brown skin... That is why I make music,” the artist says in the film.

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy play drums in a clip from the ‘Making The Gift’ documentary (Instagram/Beyoncé)

In a Making The Gift teaser shared on Beyoncé’s Instagram account prior to the release of the film, the singer and her eldest child can be seen playing the drums together.

Several people who watched the film on ABC on Monday evening praised Blue Ivy’s musical skills.

“Blue Ivy stole the show during Beyoncé special Making The Gift,” one person tweeted.

“This should’ve been titled ‘Blue Ivy Presents Making The Gift’ because sis is giving me life,” another wrote.

In the film, Beyoncé also emphasises the strength of the love she feels towards her three children – Blue Ivy and two-year-old twins Sir and Rumi Carter.

“When you’re a mother, there’s a love that you experience with your kids that’s deeper than anything you can imagine,” the Lemonade singer states.

“The love is beyond Earth and beyond time and space and it’s a connection that will be constant.”

In July, Beyoncé released the music video for the song “Spirit”, which features on the soundtrack for the Disney live-action remake of The Lion King.

Beyoncé and Meghan Markle embrace at The Lion King premiere in London

The music video features Blue Ivy sitting alongside her mother, wearing a pink and red ruffled dress with her hair dyed a dusky shade of red.

In an interview with ABC News, Beyoncé said the music video is a “love letter to Africa”.

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