'BH90210' fan theory comes true when one character finds out he has a son

BH90210 confirmed a fan theory on Wednesday when the backstory of Brian Austin Green's mysterious personal assistant was revealed. Following an unfortunate song leak, Brian's popstar wife Shay hired a private investigator to look into Zach's past. And while it turned out Zach wasn't the leaker, Brian did uncover his assistant's bizarre personal obsession. This led to a confrontation between the two, and Zach revealing that he was Brian's estranged son.

The twist left some fans on Twitter stunned.

While other fans took a victory lap because they predicted Zach to be Brian's son weeks ago.

This surprise was likely easy for some fans to guess because it was yet another example of BH90210 art imitating life. In real life, Brian's ex and former 90210 alum Vanessa Marcil previously claimed that Brian hadn't seen his oldest son years. But, the two must of reconnected because Brian's son visited his dad on the set of BH90210.

Now it looks like fans are reworking their BH90120 stalker theories.

BH90210 airs Wednesday’s at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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