'BH90210' fans are fired up about infamous character's return

The second episode of the all-new BH90210 reboot premiered Wednesday night, and fans are still loving it.

Episode 2 tugged on viewers' nostalgia strings early with a flashback to the halls of West Beverly High during Jennie's dream sequence. Tori used a dollhouse recreation of the Peach Pit to help her assemble the 90210 reboot she's pitching within the show. And viewers were treated to some subtle throwback “David and Donna” chemistry when Tori talked Brian into appearing in the fictional reboot.

But fans really flipped when one of Brandon's high school girlfriends, turned pyromaniac stalker, Emily Valentine made an unexpected returned.

Even the actress that plays Emily, Christine Elise, joined in the celebration with a callback tweet to her character's arsonist days.

As did Vanessa Lachey, who plays Jason’s in-show wife, who in Episode 2, appears to be pregnant by another man.

In the reboot, the infamous Emily Valentine reappears as the Fox executive in charge of the newly greenlit fictional reboot within the actual reboot — talk about meta! And it appears that she may still be holding a grudge from her high school years.

BH90210 airs Wednesday’s at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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