Bharatnatyam performance to interpret Gandhian values for current times

New Delhi, Nov 26 (PTI) Renowned classical dancer Geeta Chandran will explore key concepts of Gandhian philosophy and ideology including non-violence through a mix of Bharatnatyam and contemporary dance movements.

Comprising six themes, the solo performance titled 'Gandhi: Warp and Weft' will be organised at the Kamani Auditorium here on Thursday.

While the initial sections reflect Gandhi's personal evolution through classical Bharatnatyam 'abhinaya' (art of expression) techniques, the later sections dwell upon the leader's evolving philosophy through contemporary dance.

The hour-long dance performance will explore themes of Gandhi's belief in religious unity, his lifelong experiment with celibacy, salt satyagraha and civil disobedience movement, his views on caste and labour, and his association with khadi as a means of ecological sustainability.

Talking about the show, 57-year-old Chandran said the production was an interpretation of Gandhian values for the current times.

'We are celebrating 150 years of the birth of the Mahatma. But what does Gandhi and his thinking mean to the youth of today? I wanted to bring a live interpretation of Gandhi for our times. That is why 'Warp & Weft'.

'In the weaving of our lives today, can there be a Gandhi thread? And here, I have strategically chosen Gandhian values that I believe are contemporary and need constant reiteration: religious tolerance, strengthening the spine and soul for action, non-violence, the need to find ways to express your truths – like Gandhi did with satyagraha,' the Padma Shri awardee said.

The complementing music that will comprise traditional Carnatic tracks, as well as abstract and contemporary music, has been created by sound artiste Pratik Biswas. PTI MAH TRS TRS