Bhoomika Kalam Talks About Her Initiative “AstroBhoomi”

Bhoomika Kalam Talks About Her Initiative "AstroBhoomi"  

Astrology has been known from the ancient era and still now it’s equally important among us. Read on…

It helps in enjoying good health, prosperity and spiritual advancement. A name to remember, Bhoomika Kalam from Indore is a famous Astrologer and Tarot Card Reader who has witnessed a lot of Problems among people. She performs Palmistry, Numerology too. Several people including Bollywood celebrities, politicians, owners of big production houses in and around the world have connected with her to gain clarity in their lives. Bhoomika has a huge number of followers around the world and that proves her mastery in this field. She believes is spreading peace through her astrology and she has succeeded and reached that level that one can blindly stand in front of her and seek help about the problems, sufferings and reach their destiny which they always aim for. She has read thousands of Tarot cards reading, healed people, solved problems. Bhoomika is India’s top Astrologer and healer.

She has established “AstroBhoomi” which aims at understanding the science of astrology including the concerns and problems of common people. There have been various seminars through AstroBhoomi which spreads the knowledge about Vedas, Puranas, European astrology science through the “Art of Bhavishyam” seminar among the youth. AstroBhoomi is one such platform that provides a handful of things. They provide various services which include Tarot Card Reading, Kundli Analysis, Vastu consultancy, meditation, Tarot Reading course and a lot more.  Bhoomika Kalam was  honoured by 3 prestigious national awards for her work on social issues and earned 3 National follow-ships also for her intense research work. She reveals the actual meaning of donation and charities as remedies of astrology that can make sense of social work by every people in society. She involved in lots of social work activities with farmers and tribes.

Bhoomika Kalam has gained the mastery of astrology, tarot reading, mantras, yantras, yoga, and meditation from Shri Vidya Sadhak Shri Sakalanand Nath of Nath Sampradaya, who is skilled under all these things and helped Bhoomika to build her early age interest in Astrology. There is a lot to understand about Astrology and in today’s time there is a complete need among the people to know what the Vedas, Tantras, and mantras mean in life and no doubt we have a source for that and its Astro Bhoomi.

There is a lot more to be discovered which can be done through their website which will give an in-depth knowledge about AstroBhoomi which is :

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