Bhumika Gurung Shares Experience Of Her 1st Holi With Boyfriend Shekhar Malhotra And His Family-EXCLUSIVE

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Television actress Bhumika Gurung, who is playing the character of Tara in show Humkadam after playing the title role in her shows Nimki Mukhiya and Nimki Vidhayak, had a very special Holi this year. The actress celebrated the day of colours with her boyfriend Shekhar Malhotra and his family which turned out to be extremely memorable for them.

Talking to exclusively, Bhumika Gurung said, "It was absolutely special for both of us as we spent the whole day together. And it was our first Holi together since we started dating. I couldn’t go home to my mom and dad's place in Pune as I was shooting a day before Holi. But I was lucky to celebrate it with Shekhar's parents and his brother. They are family. Also, played a little Holi on video calls with my parents and siblings." ALSO READ: Nimki Mukhiya Actress Bhumika Gurung On Her 7-Year-Long Relationship With BF Kieth Hitting Rock Bottom; ‘I Slipped Into A Depressive State Of Mind'

The actress reveals both of them love playing with colours although they opt for herbal colours. "Who doesn’t love colours! We both love colours but when it comes to playing Holi, we prefer using herbal ones as we both have sensitive skins hahaha," says Bhumika. ALSO READ: Bhumika Gurung On Her Altercation With 'LIP-JOB' Trolls: 'It Was Time To Give It Back To Them'- EXCLUSIVE


The actress wishes to celebrate Holi every year with him as she mentioned to us, "This was our first holi together and I wish many more to come."

Bhumika has been dating Shekhar, who is also a cousin of famous TV actress Mahhi Vij, since December 2020.

Image source: Instagram/gurungbhumika

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